Its just my way

Ever since I was in school I have always f***** on the first date. Other girls (and a few guys) made fun of me for it and called me names but I didn't care. I always believe that if your interesting enough for me to go on a date with in the first place then you must be interesting enough to f***. So far I've always been right. I love s** and I'm really good at it because of that.

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  • My best friend and I first started showing our panties off in our school uniforms in fifth grade. By sixth we sucked some boys in the park after school. In the end of seventh grade we went all the way with the same boys.

  • How old are you now (more grown up I hope) xxx

  • Oh man, where were your types when I was growing up?

  • I'm sure there were girls like us when you were young, but they were probably all "rather busy", if you get my drift. LOL.

  • Older men do not want any attachments and you young girls are just the same.
    I’ve been having s** with my daughters friend and we both can’t wait to be with each other. I could stay down on her for hours. I’ve taught her so much the guy she falls for will not believe how good she is

  • I'm very pleased with you, my darling. VERY pleased. I love the fact that you are in a deep and long-term and meaningful relationship with that young girl, the friend of your daughter. Thank you for doing her and for being there for her. I was the girl in a relationship kinda like that many years ago, with the father of one of my best girlfriends. For the first several months he wanted to leave his family for me but I convinced him that staying at home was the best for the present because I was too young to get married without parental consent and he and I both knew they would never give it. Eventually, I quit him for an older (and wealthier) gentleman, but we still dated ("f*****") for a while after that. He didn't really teach me much but he certainly LOVED how much I already knew and how much better I was than his wife or any of the older women he dated on the DL. I haven't f***** him in nearly six months, but now that you made me think of the relationship, maybe I'll call him this afternoon. :)

  • What are your favorite fetishes ?

  • I have a lot of them, but I guess my favorite is dating married men. I also love love LOVE r****** (giving AND getting). And I have a serious thing for d***** and I even use them on dates a lot of times. There are many others but I don't want to bore you. :)

  • O my queen give your slave a chance to enchant you

  • Ok, if none of those strike your fancy, I also liked babysitter-daddy relationships (too old now I guess), I love dominating men older than me, and I enjoy watersports (both ways). Am I getting any warmer? :) LOL

  • Water sports are awesome. You sound awesome.

  • I'm very impressed that you used the word "awesome" to describe that wonderful activity because I feel the same about it. For most men, it's something their wives and mistresses refuse to do in any form, so it is one more vital reason for them to come to me instead of going anywhere else. But from my own personal perspective, there is just something so beautiful and incredibly intimate in kneeling before a man while he rains down his warm warm golden love on my face and in my mouth and all over my body.'s love. Even more so than c******.

  • I feel the same way, but in reverse. I love being on my back, a woman squatting over my face...or another I like is when she does it on my c***.

    Wife won’t do this stuff with me and the most frustrating thing is if she would just try it I know she’d love it. EVERY LAST WOMAN I’ve ever convinced to try LOVED it.

  • I agree with it all, especially that women who think it's icky and gross would love it if they would just unclench. :) If I were your mistress (or ONE of them) I would send you home to your precious little wife EVERY TIME smelling like my sweet golden nectar, and in particular I would finish in your mouth, so that when you kissed her on returning home, she could taste my urine. And I know you well enough to know that YOU would love doing that to her. (You are such a bad boy!!)

  • Makes perfect sense to me

  • Thanks for the support and encouragement.

  • Get on Birth control if your not

  • Thanks for caring and for offering your input. Yes I have been taking the pill since I turned 12. And I have no bad side effects from it like some do. Anyway Happy New Year to you and thank you again.

  • How old are you now?

  • I'll be 20 in February. :) Gettin' old. :)

  • In the UK right?

  • Not me, at least not directly; however, my grandfather (dad's side) was born there and still has the accent. But seriously, how could you POSSIBLY have made that connection to me? Oh My God...….do you know who I am?

  • I have unique set of skills, just as I know I've sparked your extreme interest now!

  • Yes, you certainly do, and yes, you certainly have. LOL. Apparently, you know a lot about women, and that's the kind of men I love the most. ;)

  • Then let the game begin!
    You see yourself as a hunter, able to see men's weaknesses through their desires, even complementing me!
    You dominate those who allow you too, and let the the others think they have the power, when in truth you do!
    You was young when you started letting the men think they were taking advantage, but in truth this what you wanted, since then you have got a lot better at seducing.

    Just to answer the question that keeps rattling around in your head no I'm not female and never have been, this could be dangerous, but will be exciting!

  • I love the observations very much and for the most part they are true of me. Sometimes I allow the man I'm with to believe he is in charge, when in reality I just have enough experience with married men to know how to manipulate them: it's a lot of fun (they dance like monkeys on a string). :)

  • I like to make young girls into women! And I like to be dominant and to humiliate but in your case I think it would be better if we humiliated my wife together, I thenk you would like that?

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