I want to remain a virgin til i get married. or until im 30. whichever comes first. but my problem is im always h**** and s** is always on my mind. if i wasnt a virgin id probably be having s** right now

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  • Go and get f*****

  • It's a good decision that you wanna lose your virginity to the one who would marry you.but you are saying that you are h****.here is my for a friend.seduce him.give me b******* but strictly mention to him not to f*** you.its difficult but not impossible to control.he would end up fondling your b**** and pushing his hands inside your panty and rub your c*** and ultimately he would pull down your panty with both hands.allow him to suck your p**** and also rub your c******* but remember not to allow him f********* you.if he becomes successful in penetrating one finger inside your p****,your hymen would tear.if you don't mind it then allow a guy to f********* you.and slowly and gradually you shall realise that you need s**.one day will come when a guy would rape you and destroy your virginity.marry him.and if you are from india contact me.

  • Sell your virginity, make some $$$, and then enjoy life. Go to this website, and then scroll to the bottom for contact info:

  • Keep it up..i am sure you are and will be the best woman and you will get the best man as your husband.All my blessing to you.

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