Cheated At A Party

They were both a little younger than me, early thrities, single and very handsome and sexy. I’ll call them Jim and Jeff. They are both gym rats. Jeff is a personal trainer and Jim is in real estate. They were longtime friends and roommates at the time. We were at a party with my husband, all of his friends and the host’s friends and neighbors. These two were neighbors of my husband’s friends and I didn’t know them at all.

I had got wind from a friend that they had some coke and was hoping I could get a line. I hadn’t done that in years but was a bit drunk and in the mood. I eventually introduced myself and flirted a little while my husband was outside and worked up the courage to ask. They were happy to oblige and the three of us slipped upstairs to the bathroom where we all did a couple of lines. I was flirting a little but had no intentions of cheating. Although I have had a lot of partners when I was younger, I had never cheated on my husband. When we were done Jim smiled and said, “I have something else for you.” Then pulled down his shorts and pulled out his very large d***. I was a little shocked but before I could say anything he pushed me down to my knees, grabbed my hair and guided his d*** towards my mouth. I may have mumbled,
I can’t, I am married”, but I was buzzed and immediately began to give him head.

I couldn’t believe I was doing it with my husband downstairs and another guy in the room. These same thoughts turned me on. Jim quickly began to moan and had a hold of my hair roughly thrusting with his hips and soon pulled his d*** out of my mouth and came all over my face. I was shocked that he was so rough and that he created a mess. They were both laughing. While I was cleaning up I realized that Jeff had filmed it with his camera phone. I was so angry and tried to leave but Jeff now had his d*** out and was waiting for his turn. They also began called me a s***, telling me that I loved it, etc. Honestly, I was angry but I was also so turned on. It was so risky and reckless. I submitted to Jeff and gave him head too. Soon they had me down on all fours and I gave Jeff head while Jim lifted my skirt and pulled my underwear off. I was so turned on that Jim easily slipped his d*** into my p**** and began f****** me. The s** with both was rough but I was in such l*** by then, I actually had two o******. Jeff was pushing down my head and gagging me and I could feel Jim’s size and he spanked me hard. They were both calling me their little s*** the entire time. We must have had s** for another 8-10 minutes until they both came. Jeff came first and I swallowed and finally, Jim came inside me. Afterward, I cleaned up and they were much nicer telling me how sexy I was. We all did another line and slipped back downstairs with no one the wiser. Though I did completely forget my panties upstairs.

I was mortified but so h****. I wanted to grab my husband and go home and f*** him but he wanted to hang out and drink with his friends. The next morning after I was showered, I jumped him in bed and we had s**. The entire time I was thinking about the previous night and I came three times. As far as Jim and Jeff go, I have actually continued to see them. I see them at least once a week and often more and have become their little s***. They live five minutes away and I don’t work so it’s easy. It has progressed to the point that I have had group s** with them and 4 of their friends on multiple occasions. Two of which are friends of my husband. I also feel like a s** addict and also experience a lot of shame. I love my husband and would be a mess if he found out. I am certain he would leave. The s** however is very satisfying and exciting, almost intoxicating. We also continue to push boundaries by having s** when we are at the same parties as my husband. He and I are always together but I find a way to sneak off. His two friends that are now a part of this, will often run interference for one another so I can “disappear” for a few minutes. I have also allowed them to video a lot of this. I wish I could include my husband in the fun. He and I still have a great s** life but I often am thinking of the guys when we have s**.

I cheated on my husband and its led to multiple repeated occurrences with a group of men who know my husband. Its also changed what I like with s** and I get more satisfaction from pleasuring multiple guyst than I do making love with my husband.

I like being used and I like being submissive to their desires.

I do hope that I will outgrow this and have the strength to put it in the past.


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  • So basically you were willing to eat c*** for a couple lines.

  • What gets me with these confessions, is that nobody ever nags up. No johnny, just slap it up her.

    Personally I found it a turn on reading it, but 100% BS for sure

  • Why bother writing such bullshit??
    So fake.
    So lame.
    And not exciting at all.
    And I'm f ucked off when people say
    " me and my friend,lets call him Jeff..."
    Its a f ucking anonymous site,just say their
    c unting name!

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