My Uncle has a Russian student paying rent for a room in his hou

My Uncle is wealthy and his wife decided to board a Russian exchange student at their house. His name is Corrill. I like Corrill and we often go out together to my pub. He can put away the brew I can tell you that. Corrill is husky and strong and I doubt if people scare him much. He is scared of one thing though.

There is a large abandoned house on my Uncles property. It does have a sinister appearance and there is a small graveyard on the property. One day I decided to go into this house. It has two stories and looks like a haunted house that you would see in a children's storybook.

Corrill wouldn't go in with me pointing to the small graveyard in the back of this house. I couldn't believe my ears. He's afraid of ghosts.

I went in and the house is empty. No furniture and no ghosts either.



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  • Its a shame this thread died

  • I am the ghost that lives in the house.... well, one of them. We hang around the house when we are not playing out in the graveyard.

  • Female ghost?
    Wearing panties?

  • I wonder if he was part of the Russian collusion to get Trump elected.

  • No no no. They gave Trump vocabulary to use when attacking the investigation. Witch hunt. Perfect generic anti-accusation blerb he could master.

  • In pondering such conspiracy theories, you share the paranoid delusions of the current POTUS. Yet another xenophobic idiot.

  • Xenophobia idiot? So asking a question makes one an "xenophobic idiot"?
    Maybe your comment makes you an a******.

  • It's not his fault. His ability to apply reason has been impeded by his upbringing as a member of the Russian Orthodox Catholic Church.

  • Well that had absolutely nothing to do with the Russian exchange student!
    At least tell us if he or you ever swipe her dirty panties for a sniff,or if you don't feed her well and force her to do house work whilst following her around telling her the merits of the United states

  • Sigh... the Russian exchange student is a dude. Apparently reading comprehension doesn't count for much when your actual goal is to go "bler bler panties bler bler." Dumbass troll

  • Kiss my ya loser! Who cares if I like sniffing panties. I was just wanting to know if he takes advantage of open panties.
    If I was with you now id give you a ruddy good slap in the chops

  • LMAO! No you wouldn't, prissy boy. I'd whup your panty-obsessed bum so hard and fast you'd think you were back at the methadone clinic. There are about sixty gazillion panty "confessions" on this site, and I'm sure you didn't write one or two of them. Ever think your mental instability would be better received on one of those threads, where at least it would blend in to the conversation? Or is that a little too highfalutin for ya?

  • Yeah,too high falluting for me, in a panty thread,my pantie adoration is lost amongst friends,however,in threads like this,I can spread my word,as unwanted as a jehovahs witness ๐Ÿ˜…
    And I'd like to see you try and whup my a.r.s.e ,as although I sniff panties,it doesn't mean I'm some sort of femboy,far from it.
    The love of dirty used panties crosses all types of men,and I expect you have sniffed a pair at least once in your life. Only difference is I'm not ashamed to admit it.
    I don't know about your marital status,but let it be known,if I was ever at your house,I would of sniffed and licked your wife's discharge by the time I left.
    Happy sunday๐Ÿ‘

  • Boom! You owned that m****!!!

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