Scared of ghosts?

I was at a party and I arrived during the afternoon. I brought my black friend with me. The apartment was on the other side of a large old graveyard and in the light of day everything was ok.

Ok we stay at the party for a few hours and then its time to leave. It was now very dark outside. no moon or other sources of light except for the streetlights on the other side of the cematery.

My black friend was afraid to cross the cematery at night. I have to admit seeing hi scared meant I couldn't do it either. Fear is infectious.

We had to walk all the way around the graveyard to get to my car. I got scared too.

Nov 21, 2014

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  • When I was 12 (I'm in my 30s now), I spoke with my sister one morning, only to find out later that she had been killed the night before. I woke up and she was sitting at the foot of my bed. So I asked her what she was doing in my room, and she just said, "Everything's alright. I'm fine. Be good." Then she got up and walked out of my room. About an hour later, when I came out of my room, I found my parents and some family friends sitting around our kitchen table. They were all obviously sad. They told me that my sister had been killed in a car accident overnight. I didn't want to upset them further by telling them she was just in my room, so I kept my mouth shut.

  • I got this cousin from Trinidad. He's so dark that you could lose him in a lightly shadowed hallway.

  • So you were scared. Fine. But why was it important to note that your friend is black? Isn't he just your friend regardless of the color of his skin.

  • I also wondered why a racial reference was necessary, but after thinking about it I thought it might be relevant because black people are more afraid of ghosts than whites.

  • I take your point, but I think there's a little more to it than simple fear. Black people are more in touch with their own emotions, and are also generally more in touch with impulses that conventional society doesn't recognize and accept. So, if there are such things as ghosts, or if there exists a dimension that the rest of us can't or choose not to see, then blacks are probably more likely to see that than the rest of us.

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