Can't Stop Thinking About Her

My brother in laws fiance is a horrible person and I cannot stand her at all, I find her annoying as h*** and hate everything about her.

The problem is......I can't stop fantasizing about having s** with her. She's not even all that great looking, but it's like she oozes sexiness! We live in the apartment next to them, and our walls are paper thin. One night I went to the bathroom which is across from their room and I heard her moaning and screaming loudly. I walked over to the wall and put my ear to it and could not help myself. I could her her begging my BIL to f*** her harder and pull her hair, then I started hearing their bodies slapping together and could hear how wet per p**** was. I instantly put my hand down my pants and began playing with my self over my panties. She started moaning louder and started saying yeah there right there omg I'm going to c** I want to c** with you! Then she let out a moan and I heard him begin to grunt as he filled her p**** with his c**. I instantly came in my panties and had to put my hand over my mouth so they didn't hear me let out a moan as I came.

All I think about now is joining them while hey are having s** and once he is finished cleaning up his c*** and then her p****. Then If I do a good job she lets me have a turn as well, of course i instantly c** and she make me clean her up again.

I don't know why I have these urges for someone I can't stand....but now anytime I have s** with my wife I am ALWAYS thinking of her. Luckily they both have the same name, so when I c** I call out her name and my wife thinks I am thinking of her!!

Jan 12, 2019

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  • So are you a guy or gal??? As you changed s** a few times there. You FREAK

  • I have to confess that I was a bit confused myself.

    So is this confession about your desires for her or your desires to wear panties?

  • Rewind a bit, did you say that you came in your panties? You wear panties, but your confession is about your brother-in-laws fiancé? Oh wait, my mistake, I was forgetting that this is confessionpost, and every guy who confesses is also a crossdresser

  • I was thinking the same thing. Hahaha I paused like what the heck am I reading.

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