I hope I'm not the only one

Ok, I don't like to confess anything at all, but this is something that has taken over my mind ever since I was really little, I have a vore, belly fetish idk pretty much anything to do with the stomach, yeah I know it's f****** gross, which sucks because I'm a very secretive person and this weird fetish just makes it worse! I want a chubby girl friend but at the same time I want a woman who is rather skinny, I'm just torn between rather or not I should actually follow through with this fetish, it's a real pain in the ass in my day to day life when I see girls at school who are rather chubby and I wish I could approach them but I back out because of my friends and family, I just wanna know what I should do...... Sorry if I wasted your time

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  • Im kinda skinny but i have a bit of a belly too ;)

  • Lemme seeee😣

  • I want to f*** you

  • Well hmu then ig

  • I have the same fetish and coincidentally as much as I like hot girls I have this fetish about fat ones. Weird.

  • Try going for both and see what works. F*** your friends cause in the real world they just bring you down by not letting you be yourself

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