I eat my bogies

So , I'm a 35 year old male, I have a good job,have a team working underneath me and am known and liked in the local area with fellow parents and locals.

I dress smart,have a nice house and lifes good.

But what no one knows about me is that I'm totally addicted to picking my nose and eating the bogeys!!
I've been doing it since god knows when,as a child, teen,member of the armed forces and now 😁

I just find them tasty,fun to play with in my mouth and I love the first ones of the day,when you get up and go in the bathroom for your morning wee and have a good dig!

Sometimes when conditions are right,I can pull off a literal sheet of bogey,like a plaster cast of inside my nostril,they're great to chew on.

I'm not a fan of the dry ones,I'll still nibble on them but I love the big egg yolky ones,with a hard bit in the middle surrounded by gooey snot .

I've never been spotted eating them,I've got it to a fine art.
In fact as I'm writing this I have a colleague near me,and I've had a dig and eat.

I'm not ashamed,I know there will be trolls and haters but you know what,I don't give a f.u.c.k 👍
So go ahead ,leave your hate in the comments section below and I'll read them,but can guarantee it wont stop me,all this bad for your health bs too, did you know a study was done by a top science department and found that if anything,they're good for you!
I'm never ill,never get colds or flu and am fit and strong.

I know I'm not alone in this,I just hope you're brave enough to admit with me that you too eat them.

And no,I get no sexual gratification from it,so don't even bother with those comments!!

Peace out,eat your bogeys,and join the snot revolution😅

Jan 16, 2019

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  • Op here.
    Just stumbled across my old post😂
    I'm still eating them, thought you should know, and still never been witnessed.
    Peace out and join the snot revolution!

  • I do the exact same. Its in out bodies. It leads to out months anyway. So if your don't eat them or if you do, Either way. They go to y our insides anyways .Its like smoking its bad, But people get used to it. Same thing here .Its disgusting to watch but really, is it bad to do? No.Why clean your nose out, It feels good afterwards too, Flesh nor warm or cold. Minty as much

  • Sad this thread has died,was actually one of the more entertaining ones on here!!


  • Haha you dirty b******!!! I'll admit maybe once in my life I ate one,but I definitely wouldn't go bragging about it!
    Whatever floats your boat dude,but I reckon you'll get caught one day bringing the king Kong of bogeys to your mouth!!.

  • Thank you ,since you are not going to mind our hate so here is something for you....you are an example how disgusting a human can be irrespective of you so what you need to do is cut your dad’s nuts for producing a loser like you bcoz you are mentally ill person who mother was f***** right infront of you and you hide in a closet instead of saving her

  • Okaaay😅
    You may find me disgusting,and that's cool with me, but Jesus lad, learn some grammar and context, then maybe your attempts at a witty response would be better received , and make you seem less of a tool than how you come across now.
    You don't make sense I'm afraid!
    Better luck next time👍

  • Oh yes i see that in my comment and that happened bcoz i was working on my laptop unlike you eating s***, however the important thing was to deliver the message to you . So you are not only disgusting but shameless as well. You need to drop dead quickly

  • I've got one in my mouth now as I reply to you. I got it out specially for you. Enjoy this treat👍
    Still don't understand how you using your laptop causes you to have atrocious grammar?
    And why drop dead? Just because I eat a bogey?😅
    That's a bit extreme haha, for all you know,I could be your best friend,or a close family member. We all have secrets. Mine just happens to be that I eat bogeys.
    No different to you sniffing really hard and having snot go down the back of your throat. Mine just come out the front😁

  • Believe it or not why would i care. Looks like i am getting under your skin bcoz you expected people to love your post but guess what you are getting annoyed by negative remarks and you deserve it . I also agree with the below comment that you are a spoiled little brat jerking around.

  • Not at all😅 I'm enjoying it 👍

  • F*** you😡

  • Haha! You got owned by the bogeyman l****!!!

  • Have no idea why they censored L M F A O
    But the point still stands,you got owned by the BOGEYMAN😅

  • No you're not, you are a 15 year old immature child who likes to write crap on the internet because you have no life.

  • No. I can assure you I'm a 35 yr old.
    I just happen to admit that I eat bogies.
    Deal with it.

  • Hmm, no. See, your lack of experience from only being 15 years old is your blindness. If you were really 35 years old, you would realize that no adult talks as childish as you do. You're a 15 year old child who talks about childish s***. Now go away and have your mommy warm you another hot pocket.

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