Pool girls

We now have a pool. My daughter and her friends are constantly using. My wife is not using me. I am becoming so attracted to most of these school girls and there reveling suits somewhat (but not always) covering their luscious curves. They have grown used to me sitting poolside and trying not to stare. I think they enjoy the power they have, based upon some of the smiles and gestures. They are driving me crazy with want-in. I confess to using the poolside bath to j******* from time to time. I have even sniffed a few suits left in the bath. What to do?

Nov 8, 2020

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  • You should make a move on one of them trust me one of them definitely thinks you are a sexy older Man usually you can them out by paying attention and watching observation is key as you lay out at the pool with them make sure to have sunglasses on as you are watching them just so they won't be absolutely sure you are staring at them or looking out that way as you watch over the weeks look for the one's that take quick pop shots at your direction you will see trust me this if they are interested they will take little quick glances at you make sure you always greet them when they come over be nice see to them offer them drinks and snacks and trust me you will see ones that like you then afterwards drive the group of girls home making sure to take the one that likes you home last as you drive talk be funny compliment something you like about her if she giggles over the complement make the move place hand over on her leg and see if she let's you keep it there if she does then pull over to a quiet spot and try and kiss her or move that hand from her leg to her hot lil puss. Good Luck

  • Smooth operator! I hope you idiots get all caught out!

  • As a 14 y/o girl I can confirm most of us like older guys and I always check out my friends dads hoping he is looking at my body. I wouldn’t be so abrupt let the convo build up make sure you let her know you’re interested tell her “if you’re not into this I will stop just tell me” make her feel safe and love, I’d spend as much time as you could around her baby her like she is the best thing on earth you have to protect her and love her.

  • Email me thebluestdevil@yahoo.com

  • This sounds so awful, but I wish you were my daughters friend

  • Getting yourself in a mess is not what I call responsible - you will regret it!

  • Live in Southern Cali. I had a sick and perverted plan.

    My daughter Jill and her friend were 18, when I put in the pool. I did so to be able to f*** them among other things. It 3 years now I get so much young p**** my c*** was sore from f******.

    But since I started this Jill spends her days in a micro bikini or robe flashing me. 3 months ago she got drunk couldn't hold in her jealousy and put a stop to me f****** her friends. She just stripped climbed on me as said F*** me. I did for hours. I have only been with her since that day. She he told me my c*** is hers now, and hated i wasted it on her friends.

    My sick plan worked andvmy ultimate goal achieved. Jill is my s** toy.

  • Before lockdown, I loved taking my son to the pool. The young girls now days are amazing; hot bodies and not always so covered. I would take videos of my son, so it appeared. i have some super clips that would blow your mind.

  • Sneak into the locker/bathroom and hide until one goes into the bathroom to pee or change then have a look your phone over the top as it is recording if you are careful have a look under the stall at her better yet get a lil spy cam they look like s**** head place it in you're favorite areas

  • Love to see them

  • Those young girls know what they're doing. All this innocent girl thing is bull s***.
    However, its men who go to jail, so keep away from that pool

  • Agreed. They know exactly what they are doing. They obviously enjoy doing too.

  • Sicko!

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