Pool girls

We now have a pool. My daughter and her friends are constantly using. My wife is not using me. I am becoming so attracted to most of these school girls and there reveling suits somewhat (but not always) covering their luscious curves. They have grown used to me sitting poolside and trying not to stare. I think they enjoy the power they have, based upon some of the smiles and gestures. They are driving me crazy with want-in. I confess to using the poolside bath to j******* from time to time. I have even sniffed a few suits left in the bath. What to do?

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  • Before lockdown, I loved taking my son to the pool. The young girls now days are amazing; hot bodies and not always so covered. I would take videos of my son, so it appeared. i have some super clips that would blow your mind.

  • Those young girls know what they're doing. All this innocent girl thing is bull s***.
    However, its men who go to jail, so keep away from that pool

  • Agreed. They know exactly what they are doing. They obviously enjoy doing too.

  • Sicko!

  • Fake cake The pedo's will be asking how old? You wrote this fake cake to give them the chance and JO to it.

  • Do they know your wife is withholding? Does it make them mad with her?

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