First time you see it

My best friend Nicole the other team about a year ago, I don't blame her, She has had a...Rough go with guys. Her first boyfriend at 16 was abusive, Total asshole, Treated her like dirt, Basically used her as his play toy, Started by being rough in bed then he made her do stuff in front of his friends and when he made her be with two of his buddies while he watched she decided it was too much, She told my brother she wanted to leave him but was scared so my brother went with her to tell him it was over and that he was never to contact her again and my brother made sure he didn't.
Second boy friend was a douche, She walked in on him whacking it while spying on her mom in the shower, Whacking it to me while I was asleep on the couch downstairs with no bra on and then caught him with a friend of his banging his friends girlfriend, Her third boyfriend was the one she married, Everything seemed good until she started to hear rumors, Followed him and caught him with a friend of ours.
She moved out and started to contemplate her...Sexuality, Of course she and I had many discussions at length about this and when I told her there was no way I was going to go that direction we drifted apart for a while, I know she dated a couple girls and is now in a long term relationship, We never lost touch but for a while didn't talk much but couldn't stay away for long before we were hanging around all the time again, I'm married now with kids and a wonderful husband and a couple years ago we moved to pursue a family opportunity.
Nicole and myself had been talking and she invited us to her place for new years which is 3 hours away from where we live now, My husband offered to keep the kids and talked me into going without him. Being at her house with her and her...girlfriend welcomed me and we hung out the night before new years eve, New years eve was so fun and aside from Nicole and Terry there was only one other girl/girl couple, I don't know what I was expecting but I half expected there to be a bunch of lesbian couples there, We all got trashed and after everyone left I went to bed.
I'm laying in bed and had left my door open, I was starting to drift off when I thought I heard a noise, I rolled over and again heard a noise, I laid there for a minute and heard it again, I sneaked out of my bed and peeked into the hallway I could see the tv on in the living room and heard whispering and giggling, I am 100% straight, Always have been, Always will be but I stepped into the hallway, I leaned and peeked around the corner to see Nicole and Terry on the couch, Nose to nose looking into each others eyes and kissing, I went back into my room but a few minutes later my curiosity got the better of me and I sneaked back into the hallway, I peered into the living room again and they were getting a bit more frisky, I have seen Nicole in pretty much every state of undress hundreds of times over the years but have only known Terry for a couple years, Terry and Nicole had their tops off and were kissing and groping each other.
Nicole has really big breasts and terry is a more moderately chested woman but very proportionate, Nicole has a body that stands out in a crowd, My husband has said before that she is difficult not to look at in a bathing suit, My husband says she has beautiful legs, a great bum, wide hips and a small waist which with her large breasts does make her a bit of an attraction getter anytime we go out in anything even remotely revealing.
Terry is a more normal built woman but my husband has also said that she is nice to look at and in typical man fashion has told me that he has pictured the two of them together and thinks they are probably one of the best looking lesbian couples out there. Anyway I was standing in the hallway peeking as Terry cupped one of Nicole's big boobs and lowered her head, I bit my lip and started to back away but then stopped and stared as she opened her mouth and put Nicole's nipple in her mouth. As I said I am straight, I love men, I love looking at men, I love having sex with my husband but...There was something very erotic about seeing the two of them together.
I hid and watched the whole thing, Nicole pushed Terry back on the couch and went down on her then they did the 69 thing and there was a lot of groping, Kissing, Licking and fingering before a double climax and by that time they were on the floor, When they started to have a post coital snuggle I went back to bed and crashed, In the morning I woke up with a pounding headache and rolled over when Nicole brought me a cup of coffee (She's such a good friend), Nicole pulled the covers back and crawled into bed with me which is not abnormal but I put my coffee down and we rolled to face each other, She asked if I had fun, I told her I did, She asked if I was going to survive my hangover and I told her probably not, We both laughed and she told me Terry had left to go to her sisters and then turned red and looked down before looking at me and saying "Uh...So...Last night", I looked at her and she looked at me, She said "Uh...So...I know you were not asleep", I don't know what happened but I panicked and my heart fluttered while I had a weird twitch, Nicole looked at me and said "Are you ok?", I laughed and choked on my words as I said "My god, I am so sorry", I started apologizing profusely but she giggled and said "stop, It's fine, We both knew you were there, Terry has always wanted to be watched so it was a bit of a fulfillment of a fantasy for her and the fact it was a straight girl turned her on even more", We had a long discussion about how I was so sorry and embarrassed and how she was ok with the fact I perved on them, When I started to get a bot more relaxed she said "still no...Interest?", I said "god no...But...It was interesting to watch, I may have to add some of that to our list of favorites on porn hub" We laughed and she thought it was hilarious that me and my husband watch videos together.
I went home and never did see Terry again but after we put the kids to bed and crawled into bed together I jumped on my husband and said "Wanna hear something dirty", I rode him while telling him what I had watched, He didn't last long but he did go twice and with a bit of work while I talked about new years he was able to get it up a third time but we were all sweaty by the time he rolled me onto my back and finished me off with what I would say was probably one of my bet climaxes yet, I still have no urge to try it but I have a very erotic memory that strangely really gets me going to think that I was actually there to experience it.

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