Canada - Being beat up by the USA and China

So the USA tells us to arrest the CFO for Huawei.... and because you guys like to bully us we detain her. Now China f****** arrest two Canadians for no reason and sentence one to death. Does the US care... no. We give her privileges such as at home arrest. Yet China kills our people and arrests them.... heathens, now they are taking over Vancouver..... making home prices unaffordable for the common man..... I wish they would go back to their own deteriorated, pollutioned crap country before they turn ours into the same rat infested puke.

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  • Now they stopped buying all Canadian canola seed, oil, or meal.

  • Kill the yellow man now. Let's start by finding one and beating the s*** outta them!!!!

  • I f****** hate Chinese

  • Well
    . The drug dealer was pushing method and had done time and has a criminal record. But backing him up from years in a work camp to execution. That sucks.
    The other guy? I smell CSIS. Canadian spy?

  • Let's go to war

  • Good to see people waking up. Push for their deportation, or at the least segregation.

  • I hate those dough faced pan eyed slopes .
    The smell and their live of burgundy cars grips my s***

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