Hate China 🇨🇳 Bunch of cvnt

I am sick of CHINA being a BULLY to other nations in Asia, they have conflict with all their border neighbours, they have taken the South China Sea by stealth and the STUPID FVCKIN WORLD looks on. Then the fvckers let a virus free onto the world, then denying it come from CHINA. WTF you fvcking bunch of lying sleazy low life pieces of bat shlt. You are the scum of the earth and one day you will self implode due to your fvcked system of governance. G3T FVCK3D Xi Jinping you Uighur KILLER

Dec 2, 2020

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  • F*** China, seriously.

  • Well The Chinese Goverment Is The Worst They Do Stuff Like Hitler The Chinese People Are Not Bad

  • China part of the New world order to take over

  • ....and you like to eat that wuhan food. Shut up dude. You know you like to eat the rotten fish

  • Yes sir...outrageously most disgusting people in the universe.

  • They spread virus and computer/internet accessories and cheap clothing but you have been spending billion of dollars in sponsoring war in the Middle East ignoring social and health needs of your own country!!

  • I don't like the Chinese government but this is pure conspiracy theory nonsense.

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