Told wife I love other woman

Never slept with the girl but wife kept pressuring me and I finally cracked. She wanted to leave me at first, but then I talked her into staying with me. She said if there is any sign that I’m cheating with her it’s over. I honestly want to be with both women and I hate to give up my current spouse for some other girl. But this girl is so amazing. I literally felt a connection with her before I actually turned around to look at her. Can’t imagine giving up either.

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  • Every relationship needs to have trust,balanced equality,never have to hurt your love by any kind of cheating being micro or what's ever, so also needs to have openness and accountability.happy home is how we maintain the trust between us. A pattern of not hiding, being accountable and openly builds the trust.You deserve to know the truth, save yourself time and emotion wasted on a cheating partner,mine abandoned me on a sick bed for some reasons that baffled my understanding after i hacked his phone. I found out he has been sleeping with my best friend. To confirm for sure your partner is cheating,I ll suggest you employ the services of a certified ethical hacker I know. He offers a wide range of discreet hacks,You would be surprised how much information you can uncover from a spouse phone.Contact at (hackingloop6 @ g m a i l.c o m)OR text +1 (7 1 2) 2 9 2 2 6 5 5, he is a reliable hacker,tell him i referred you, i know he will help you.

  • ...........idiot....

  • I want to f*** your wife and that girl

  • I’m ok with my husband wearing a sleeve.

  • Whats a sleeve?

  • That was not required

  • I’m already moving past the idea of it. My wife knows how much I love her; she also knows that I have very few romantic life experiences. So when I have a passionate feeling toward someone, it’s hard to ignore. I do t appreciate the negative remarks about how bad I am when I never lied to my wife or cheated

  • Finally,OP has outed herself as a trolling teenage girl. I knew it! ROFL

  • We're so, so sorry you don't appreciate them. Too bad you can't control us the way you can your wife. You came here for real talk and you're getting it. Put on your big boy pants and suck it up!

  • She’s more in love with me now than before I mentioned it. I don’t force her to stay with me. And we are more sexually passionate than ever before. I win again. Sorry haters

  • "Haters",oh god I'm dying,I knew it was a dumb little girl who wrote this

  • You are f*****. Your wife does not trust you. this will be a long miserable decline into a lonely slow motion crash

  • Youre just not that committed to your wife. You obviously control her if you convinced her to stick around. Who knows when you will meet another random girl? Your wife needs to live her own life without you

  • If you loved your wife,you wouldn't get your head turned by someone else
    Set her free and go to the other,but if you start to do the same thing,it's you not them

  • You sir, are a delusional w a n k e r

  • Why can’t i just live happily ever after with both of em? I really do feel that those two fully complete me. I know it’s a zero chance to have both but it’s ultimately what I really wnat

  • Why can't you?? Seriously...?

    Arrange a three-way meet, but don't tell either one that the other is going to be there. Tell each woman that you've put together a really hot evening she'll remember forever. Sell it like you're going to make her feel like the most "amazing" woman on the planet. Then when they catch sight of each other, smile real big and say to them what you said here.

    THAT'S why you can't just live happily ever after with both of them. Idiot.

  • Lol, this would definitely work, if OP had the guts, whcih he does not!!!

  • As we're the only 4 people who have replied to this moron, I propose that the 4 of us take turns in nailing his wife. We can be as deviant and kinky as we like,and he won't care,as quite clearly he has no respect for her👍
    What do you say guys?!

  • Just the wife? Nah, let's play with Amazing Woman too. Four of us, two of them, one hole each, no waiting!

  • I think panty boy doesn't need a hole,just chuck him some knickers and the tardmo will be in

  • F*** her infront of her 😈

  • Just stick to sniffing and licking her dirty wet panties

  • What you've got with this other girl so far is "a connection" and that she's "amazing." Okay, fine. Find out what she's like as a person before you do anything that could be considered cheating. In other words, use the head between your ears, not the other one! If that's hard or impossible, it's lu$t and not worth your marriage.

    It sounds like I'm advocating sneaking around on your wife and I don't mean that. I am only suggesting that you explore what is there with respect to all parties involved. If you want to fvck things up after your assessment, well you're a big boy. But never knowing will eat at you and hurt your marriage anyway, so you might as well get it out of the way.

  • And of course he risks finding out there’s nothing there w the other woman but but the time he realizes this his wife is heading for the door too.

  • She's got at least one foot out the door already,mate

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