I want to get married already!

Im nearing the dreaded 40. I look and act 25. Finished college way too late but here I am. Few friends. I have nothing in common with people my age, no mortgage payments, no child support, no AA meetings. I want my life to happen already, and i feel it is meant to be I meet someone and start a family, i want to give my parents grandchildren. Most girls i date are like way younger than me but like i said i dont have much interest in older women mainly bc they are not interested in me. I have a slight developmental delay and have recently learned through my therapist that i have Asperger's d/o. That's my confession.



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  • The stink of delusion coming off you is crazy intense. You seem to think you're still some twentysomething playboy, when in reality time has gotten away from you. NOBODY looks like 25 at 40, and only seriously immature people think that's both possible and desirable. THAT'S what's scaring away your female peers, OP-- women want a partner, not an overgrown baby. And the "girls" you chase care much more about your wallet and how easily you're played, so don't bother looking for true love there either.

  • Im amazed that you have sympathy here. most times people write here and everyone else sledges them

  • Aww, listen to the whines of someone who fished for attention and didn't get the kind they wanted.

  • Well I think he's a fuckingcunt.
    He needs to grow up and stop whining.

  • Go and have kids. With a young mom who can work and raise the child with you being the stay home retired Dad.

  • Dude your 40 your probably one of those that still thinks their in their early 20s dressing as such cliche but get grown act like your age your only aging with time you lived your moment grow up and be a man man

  • Dude I’m 27 bachelors degree make 6 figure salary have my own home own my dream cars ,and still haven’t gotten married welcome to the stage of workin hard and enjoying life or either you might be gay

  • You & only you know why you aren’t in a serious relationship at your age. Fix it before it’s too late or you can stay single and miserable. S*** man what do you do for a piece of ass?

  • Ma'am I'm 27 and feel the same way we should get to know each other I'm from California

  • He is a guy for christ sake

  • Focus on becoming an actual adult before you cave to the frantic need to add to the world's population for your parents' sake. We need quality people on this overfilled planet, not more yahoos raised by dimwits.

  • Why did you come here don't you know that this is a f****** ugly place where everyone loves to criticize and they enjoy their pain

  • FFS, stop adding the word "already" to end of phrases.

  • Act 25. No one wants that when you’re 40

  • Two words, man-child. And it wants to get married and breed. UGH

  • The dumbest ones always do. That's why the world is full of morons.

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