I always hear about this horrible bullying and always got so frustrated because I couldn't do anything. And I wish something like that would happen where I live, but I also don't want anything like that to happen to someone. Jeez, I'm a mess aren't I?

Jan 25, 2019

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  • Antibulling policy is a feel good measure by adults. In reality the policy is a joke. Think not? Ask yourself if there was ever a school administration or faculty that encouraged bullying. Now ask yourself if any child bully gives a crap about your policy. Same as criminals don't care about laws. So now ask yourself what has actually changed if the adults are still stopping the bullying when visible and children are still committing bullying. Absolutely nothing except for some feel good policy that makes adults and parents feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Meanwhile that little kid is still getting picked on in school yard when no ones watching. But hey, as long as the adults feel good, right.

  • Listen dear, you're replying to him.
    He's feeding of it,yet you don't stop.
    Am I right in thinking that deep down, the attention w**** inside you is enjoying it?
    I think you do.
    And he's kinda right,you're coming across as a b****

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  • Bullying is something that has always happened between children without parents. Yet adults feel the need to emphasize they have a "no bullying" policy. What? Did you encourage bullying before? How do you plan on stopping it when YOU are not around? Oh that's right, you're not. The fact of the matter is nothing has changed except for some feel good measures by adults. How is that protecting our children? It's not.

  • Personality development issues......

  • Enough of a mess that it's not clear wtf you're tryna say...

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