I always hear about this horrible bullying and always got so frustrated because I couldn't do anything. And I wish something like that would happen where I live, but I also don't want anything like that to happen to someone. Jeez, I'm a mess aren't I?

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  • Antibulling policy is a feel good measure by adults. In reality the policy is a joke. Think not? Ask yourself if there was ever a school administration or faculty that encouraged bullying. Now ask yourself if any child bully gives a crap about your policy. Same as criminals don't care about laws. So now ask yourself what has actually changed if the adults are still stopping the bullying when visible and children are still committing bullying. Absolutely nothing except for some feel good policy that makes adults and parents feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Meanwhile that little kid is still getting picked on in school yard when no ones watching. But hey, as long as the adults feel good, right.

  • As another girl, and also an adult, I feel the need to say something to you guys cursing at the little girl who posted this. It's not rights. We know she's a minor and yet you are cursing at her and calling her names? Why? Is is because when you anonymous and no one else is saying anything, you feel you can treat a child like this? A child who, from what I can see, is trying to defend herself. All she got as help from the 'responsible ' adults is the equivalent of a 'not cool, dude,' in the real world. Her post is about bullying, and I think she got an answer. You never see it because it hides itself well. It's hard to do something because no one else is and you get shot down. You all probably don't realise this but mean words and bullying like this stays with you when you grow up. I was bullied in middle school and now I have my chance to do something for someone else, so I'm not leaving until you all stop. You are harassing a child, do you realize that, she's still in school!

  • Ah! Since you put it that way, we'll stop.

  • Thank you.

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  • Lmao, u started nice and then turned into bit.ching at her 2, wtf is wrong with u?

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  • And I can tell you that I'm not. And you still haven't explained how I'm being a b*tch...

  • And I can tell you that I'm not. And you still haven't told me how I'm a b*tch.

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  • Leave us alone,this is what we do.
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  • No. They're right. This is NOT what we do. I was never okay with this. Why would you think that? They're the first person to say something. And your comment is really gross, you took it to far. At first you were just being a j*** and a little creepy. Now you ARE being creepy, and you sound like a pedophile. When did I make it sound like I was okay with this? I wasn't 'playing along,' if that's what you think. I wanted to know why you called me a b*tch. You made it weird, so if you want to say that's what you do, whatever, but leave me and that plural 'we' out of it. (And thank you, for saying something)

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  • Dude, you don't even know if I'm a girl(which I am), I never said anything about my gender. I did something you disliked(I guess) and you blamed it on my period? I had my period two weeks ago, there is literally no way I could be on my period.

  • I knew you were a girl from the second I read your post lol, no guy would be such a whiny bi.t.ch about stuff!!
    One thing I will admit to,is that I didn't read the end of the post and look at the categories,so I didn't realise you were still at school. So for that I'm sorry

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  • You need to stop. It isn't funny, it was never funny, and you're being weird. You might think I'm over reacting, but I'm really not.

  • Its ok,when you're on the rag your hormones all all over the place and you tend to overreact.
    I understand

  • And, for the record, if I were on my period I wouldn't hide it, it's not something to be embarrassed by. If I were on my period I probably would have sunk down to your level and called you a name unprovoked also.

  • Why are you blaming me calling you out for something you did wrong in hormones? You could have just never replied. It's all anonymous. But you chose to came back and blame it on something irrelevant, why? That's a legitimate question. I want you to actually answer it.

  • Would it infuriate you if I read this,but didn't answer?????😁

  • No, not really, because that would mean you finally gave up.

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  • Note: Yea, I know it's a mess, let me try to clarify. While I don't want anyone to be bullied, I wish I were around to stop it because I like being in the front line of things. So when I hear adults going on and on about stopping bullying, I get frustrated because I don't see any of this bullying, and how can I stop it any more than I already am, simply by not bullying people. Anyway, because I want to actively do something, I wish that it would happen around me, but at the same time I don't want it to happen at all. Like when you hear something horrible happen and you say/think something along the lines 'if I were there....', I guess that makes sense?
    Also I promise I'm not in drugs or overdosing on meds (in not even taking any) my mind just kind of spits out a lot of unfinished thoughts. Since no one here knows me, I probably should have made a larger effort to explain my crazy thought process.
    Thank you all for your concern, I guess.....?

  • See, now this is much clearer than the original post. Forget about the trolls and commentators who automatically ASSume drugs are involved, but do take that as feedback that some work needs to be done on relating thoughts.

    As for your actual question: So if YOU don't see something happening, it doesn't exist? Uh, okay... Good on yer for not contributing to something you apparently can't perceive and all, but it's been around as long as there have been people (because people are jerks). So maybe listen to those who are more deeply affected by it and ask for details if you can't see it for yourself. The way it's currently being "addressed" is putting a bandaid on a broken arm, so that's one way it's a little confusing.

  • Thank you for replying, but that wasn't what I meant, though I can see how you think that. What I was trying(and obviously failing) to say was that while, I know it's happening, I personally am never there to witness it, or perhaps I don't realise it's bullying, because I admit I'm really terrible at reading people. I find it frustrating when adults constantly tell us to 'speak up' when I don't know what to speak up about. sorry for the text wall, and thank you for trying to to understand what I was saying.

  • Bullying is something that has always happened between children without parents. Yet adults feel the need to emphasize they have a "no bullying" policy. What? Did you encourage bullying before? How do you plan on stopping it when YOU are not around? Oh that's right, you're not. The fact of the matter is nothing has changed except for some feel good measures by adults. How is that protecting our children? It's not.

  • Personality development issues......

  • You either need to increase or decrease your meds.

  • Enough of a mess that it's not clear wtf you're tryna say...

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