Dear Diary:

Today I was pompous and my sister was crazy. Today we were kidnapped by hillfolk, never to be seen again. It was the best day ever.

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  • Malcolm Reynolds sent me

  • 🤔 You realize that you're posting this 'after the event' - I didn't know that backwoods hillfolk had good wifi, but hopefully this is your last post before they chop you up and put in in the cook pot. That will then be our best day ever.

  • ERRRRRTTT!! Wrong answer, McFly! The correct answer is "Mal and Zoe and the other Big D@mn Heroes came in the nick of time and saved us"!

    Browncoat, you are not. Useless waste of flesh, you are. Hmmmm, yesss!

  • Anyone who seeks to channel the spirit of Master Yoda must be a Neckbeard.

  • Or a geek god. We all look the same to you poor losers down there in the gutter :D

  • Yep,and I bet the sad fudd also has a fedora!!! God I hate fedoras😠👊

  • Http://
    You should visit here....

  • Who else came here in 2019?!!!! Yaaayyyyy!!!

  • Look@ the date stamp,precious

  • Haha!! I caught you 🎣 ! Some people are so easy😃 of course I saw the date stamp you mong!!!!!!

  • ^LMAO! Does somebody need attention that badly? Wowww...

  • Your momma sure did when I was hanging out the back of her!

  • Bla bla uR mOmMa bla bla

    i"m veRy wiTtY

    Keep eatin' them paint chips, boy...

  • Using upper and lower case in the same word shows a lack of understanding of the written language.
    Hate to defend the your momma guy,but seriously sort your own s*** out before you bite back at him/her

  • It's called mockery, sweetheart. Try to keep up with Internet trends if you're going to be online ;)

  • You sound like Agnes from Despicable me

  • Did they give you unwanted


  • Https://

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