Streaking and the (wonderful) Maids

I have Merry Maids stop by every two weeks to clean up the house. As I am a bit of an exhibitionist, I used to frequently leave out pamphlets from my local nudist part about events (bare buns fun run (BBFR) and the like). I sometimes also left out a couple of printed out pictures of nude women. I knew they saw them as they would be moved and even straightened but no one ever said anything, but I was setting the stage.

When I had the urge to be caught nude that coincided with them coming, I started to plan. I put out some bath towels on a chair in the kitchen, but I made sure they were only the smaller ones – the largest being the floor towel which is not big enough to wrap around me. It always took them a few minutes after they pull up to get out their equipment which was enough time for me to get into the basement. I was already nude and made sure not to have anything down there so I could not chicken out.

The doorbell rang a couple of times and normal and then I heard the door open. My heart was pounding! I did not let my mind think that I could just cop out and stay down there (it is a small cellar, and they don’t clean it). I waited just a moment and then opened the basement door and stuck my head out the door and around the corner towards the front door. The first lady stopped and looked and my and realized very quickly based on my bare chest and that I was basically hiding behind the wall.

I said, “I am so sorry could you grab me a towel?” and pointed towards towels.

The first lady, being very sweet and wanting to help, did not think fast enough to realize that it would have been easier for them to just go back out on the porch and close the door. No, instead she quickly walked down the hallway over to the chair with the towels. She conscientiously looked through them and brought me the largest one. I had to open the door more to take the towel and have to figure she saw a full frontal. I took the towel though and wrapped it around my front. It only went from hip to hip. As I quickly walked back up the hallway towards both ladies and the stairs, I thought I might flip the towel to my backside as I turned up the stairs. I quickly decided against it as it unlikely would work and this gave them a perfect shot off my butt as I ran up the stairs…I heard the wonderous sound of giggling.
I ran upstairs with my heart still pounding and got dressed. I came down stairs and apologized to the first lady who just smiled and said “it is no problem, this is your house and we are in it.” Which I thought was a very interesting comment.

It turned out to be a great short streak!

Jun 7, 2021

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  • Keep doing that and they can say you tried to rape them and sue you.

  • There are some older maids who love to f*** for some additional bucks!

  • Do you think you are the only one to try that? When that happens, it gets reported! One time ok, a second time and no more service for you!
    If you are playing with it and they see that! You can be arrested for lewd and lascivious acts in your own home! Because of the time schedule you should know they are coming!

  • Depends on the state - he never mentioned anything lewd or lascivious. Washington it is your home but in Virginia - that is a different topic (at least as view by neighbors through your windows)

  • Poor maids, given intentional and accidental stories like this they ended up seeing/being involved in much more than they should for what they are paid!

    This one sounds pretty innocuous, assuming they did not "know" it was intentional...though your prep work may have led them to believe it could be...were you setting the stage or just nudism and oops...

    It is funny they did not just leave but in the heat of moment we all do weird things.

    Next time, walk out of the shower with music loud enough it would appear you did not hear them.

  • Excellent idea! I will try that...

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