I lost my baby dog

I had to put my dog to sleep today.
I had for 8 years i feel so guilty and miserable. i wanted to crash my car today and just die.
i loved him more than anyone in the world i want to die very very painfully.

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  • Jeeeeezus. Is that how people deal with life's bad parts anymore-- either cut or whine about wanting to kill themselves??

    Losing a pet, for those of us who have hearts, is one of the worst things to endure. That's not the issue here. What is is how OP just has to turn it into "omg i want 2 dieeeeee".

    I'm not going to tell you "It was 'just' a dog", because that's not true at all. What I am going to say is GET A F****** GRIP, YOU MORONIC BUBBLE-WRAPPED LITTLE TWIT. People have endured what you have, and worse, for thousands of years. Most of them did it without requiring attention.

    Grieve as you need to, but quit using it as an excuse to kick into high-drama mode. Pretty sure nobody outside your circle of fake Instagram friends gives a rat's anyway.

  • I just lost my baby girl, too. She was almost 14. I know exactly how you feel. I never thought I could cry so much...my face actually bled. Some people will not understand, but they are people with serious character flaws. There are a lot of folks who DO get it. You are not alone and it will get better. Instead of crying when you look at pictures, you will begin to smile and remember the good times. I have reached a point where I feel blessed to have ever had her in my life to begin with. :) Also, to make the decision to put your friend out of his misery was a hard one to make, but one you made out of love. I'm a Christian, and in the bible when God gave man dominion over animals, I take it to mean that we treat them with love and respect but that sometimes we have to decide what is best for them; that includes ending their life if they are suffering. It sounds to me like you decided to end your friend's life out of mercy, compassion and love. There should be no guilt there. Plus, our animals know what is in our hearts - it's their job.

  • Sometimes our pets come into out lives to teach us lessons, about life, caring, friendship, loving unconditionally, and more. They help us to grow in our own life's journey. Don't forget them and use what they thought you to move on ahead, don't let what they imparted in your life go to waste. Keep them in your heart always, knowing how they would want you to go on living your life.

  • cheer up. losing a loved one is always hard. we treat our pets like children these days. they are our world. forgive yourself but dont forget him.

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