Jeremy corbyn

Danger to the country.
Anti semite.
Piece of s***.
Bearded f******.
Should NEVER get the chance to be PM.
Plus did I mention he's a c***?



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  • I could not care less about UK politics, but will loudly applaud anyone who makes the Orange Toddler cry (and therefore makes MAGATs cry unthinkingly). This is how you sisterfuckers sound every time you whine "ha ha u loose liberulz". How does it feel to get it thrown right back at you? Scratch that last sentence, since it's rhetorical and I don't actually care. LOL

  • You obviously feel very threatened by Jeremy Corbyn. That says much more about you than it does about Jeremy Corbyn.

  • So should you,I'm assuming you voted remain....sigh

  • The 'leavers' should have formed their own breakaway political parties and had the guts to stand for election on those principles, instead of behaving like traitors within their own parties. The old political parties and outdated philosophies at their core serve only narrow interests, and are not fit for the modern world.

  • Fingers crossed for Farage's Brexit party

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