Why are most people on here so hateful?

You heard me. Why are most people who answer stuff on here such a low life?
This, sadly, is not a place to set confessions free without judgment, nor is it a place to seek advice. Unless "go kill your f****** self" is the direction you want out of life.
Seriously. If you have nothing better to do with your time than to attempt to cowardly roast others bc youre too weak to do it face to face, I feel like this world would be a better place without you. If you only wish to harm others and destroy whats left of humanity's hope, please die. You are only taking from a world that owes you nothing.
Id love to meet the moderators of this site.
If you have time (and are fortunate enough to have internet access and a compatible device) then you are in much better hands than many of us. Get a life, volunteer at a nursing home, pick up litter off the highway, adopt a pet, improve yourself, find some reason to exist, please. Otherwise, mmmmaybe you should just end it all and let the world be. Just sayin

Feb 2, 2019

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  • Because I like to be hateful. I f****** hate stupid fucktards like you. Trolling is my favorite pastime.

  • Me too fellow troll! Isn't it so liberating!!
    I f****** love to troll the weak and I don't give a f***!!!
    You watched that south park where stans dad becomes one?πŸ˜… skankhunt41 πŸ˜…

  • Trump is the master of trolling. He f**** with more people with one simple tweet than anyone else could in a lifetime.

  • And that's something to be proud of? Too bad he won't be allowed to keep doing it. LOL

  • Because people are stupid and believe everything on the f****** internet. They are so easy to troll it's f****** unbelievable how humans are the intelligent species on this planet. More than half the s*** people say is purely for cause of reaction, not that any of them actually believe the bullshit they are saying, but say any crazy s*** and watch people absolutely lose their f****** minds. It's pure f****** comity. That's why I love Trump. That man trolls Democrats and most people just blow a f****** gasket. Then the Republicans blow a gasket trying to respond to the Democrats. It's like a monkey s*** show and it's pure f****** gold watching everyone go f****** insane. L****

  • I am hateful because I am an ordinary weak human being....fair enough ?

  • Yes, you do run the risk of putting up with comments that don't have any use aside from lowering your regard for humanity. The same can be said for half the "confessions" posted!!

    This question gets barfed up on a semi-regular basis, and while it's low-hanging fruit for the yahoos in the peanut gallery, the posters aren't any better. If people stuck to just posting confessions instead of made-up stories, copy-pasted material from elsewhere, nonsensical crap like random characters, and alleged confessions that are really just OP fishing for attention, you'd probably see less trolling.

    I for one would dial it back, but I've returned to this cesspit to take out my anger at a current real life event on stupid people. Don't start nothin', won't be nothin'. If you have to be a douche (posting or commenting), I'll poke you with a stick a couple of times and laugh about it before moving on to the next idiot. I enjoy it, the morons deserve it, and I'm not going to stop just because someone's too dumb or thin-skinned to handle it!

  • I just realized I know which post you, OP, are referring to. I empathize with you... AND, being clear is also important. Words are the only way to get your ideas across on this particular site. Having difficulty with expressing yourself is not a sin-- but if you've got something to say, make sure your message is as clear as possible *before* you hit Post. Also, accept the fact that there are many ret@rds lurking around here, or (more likely) just a few really bored ones-- welcome to life. The quicker you thicken that skin, the happier you will be.

  • Shaddup bi.t.ch πŸ˜…

  • LMAO! Triggered, bitchboy? Just TRY to shut me up. (Protip: You have to crawl out of mommy's basement first-- ooh, scary thought)

  • Haha,mate,you failed straight awayπŸ˜… trying to be clever and banging out a 'witty' post,only for you to remember 10 seconds later that you forgot to add the bitchboy remarkπŸ˜…πŸ˜…
    Seems like you're the bitchboy lmaoπŸ˜…
    See,you've now lost all credibility amongst your peers.
    Boo who,poor trolly gonna cry

  • Oh dear god, is that the best you've got??
    Put up a few more emoji, your point isn't quite nebulous enough.
    Boo *hoo, poor moron gonna cry!

  • Come out of your mommy's basement and try to make me, loser :D

  • P****

  • It is all bcuz of some j erks writing nonsense here so people take it as fantasy even if you are writing a genuine post moreover this site scumbags don't allow genuine posts to get through

  • ^THIS

  • Cause the internet gives people bras b****.... more like beer b****.

  • Bra's or Brass?😁

  • And yet here you are doing the very thing you are b******* about. How ironic.

  • I hear you, there's lits of trolls and haters on here, but then you've contradicted yourself,by saying how dismayed you are by all this,then in the next breath saying how they should kill themselves. Twice.
    So practice what you preach, be compassionate to others in the first place then the trolling comments you're about to receive may not of happened!!!

  • *lots of trolls,not lits!!

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