Im a troll

I confess that I'm a pretty major player in the trolling world,and i have liberally trolled on here a few,ok,many times.

And you know what? I don't know why I do it.
Its completely opposite to my real nature and I genuinely do feel remorse for it.

I'm not defending it,but I'm not an evil troll,more an annoying one,but nonetheless its still trolling,and I know for a fact that I've caused upset.

Will I stop? Id like to think so,however everytime a new post comes up,I cant resist!!

So for all those I've upset,I'm sorry.
Its nothing personal.
Just sport.

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  • You troll because your lives are empty. And no I'm not saying that just to troll. you can troll forever and as hard as you like. It won't put to rest the emptiness in your heart. Think about the time you waste of your own life hurting others rather than finding peace within yourself.

  • As was said below,,calling out trolls is hypocritical af. You only cry troll when someone responds to you in a way you don't like. That's a reflection of your own immaturity, not the troll's.

  • This is so cute! :D People can post fake confessions, fish for attention, literally wh0re themselves out, and type like pediatric stroke victims... but it's only the trolls whose lives are empty.

    LMAO, that's precious! Cogdis is truly a beautiful thing, innit?

  • This goes for all humanity: we like picking on people when they can't fight back and it gives us an ego boost. However we also know the pain and later regret it.

  • I feel you ,it feels so good

  • It does doesn't it! I've literally come back from trolling elsewhere to reply to you!!
    Troll on brother!!!šŸ˜

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