In love with a drug dealer...

First let me say I'm not making this confession to actually confess but wrather for advice so please, no trolling. Really I'm young and I NEED some advice that some bullshit answer that won't hurt my feelings. Anyways long story short I'm 18 and my boyfriend of 3 years is a drug dealer. He's 16 and I had no idea until about a year into the relationship, but I was in love with him and thought I could handle it. Needless to say I couldn't and I broke if off recently. It was the hardest thing I've ever had to do. He was my first kiss, I lost my virginity to him, everything and it ripped me apart. I also realized while we were broken up that he is physically and emotionally abusive. Now I know I should leave him and never look back but honest to god I love him. It's not puppy love it's REAL. I've never felt this way before. I'd die for him. I wish I could let him go but I can't. And what makes it worse is I like this other guy I met while I was broken up with him who is his exact opposite. He's sweet to me. Kind. Doesn't hit me and spends time with me. But I told him I still loved my ex and he's angry because he thought I was over him....I thought so to but I'm not. How do I let go of my ex? I'm so confused...I like this other guy but I want to be with my ex boyfriend because I love him still even though I know he's not god for me. I go to college and have a future for myself and his drug dealing will f*** all of that up....but I just can't let go. What do I do? How do I let this guy go so I can move on? or should I go back to my ex because I love him? Please...any advice is helpful. This is killing me inside....

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  • i say stick with the current guy they ex actually is puppy love because most women who have multiple firsts with someone tend to feel drawn to them no matter how bad they are but those that go back tend to hate themselves and those that just ignore the fools existance tend to live happier lives stick with the new guy and ignore the ex

  • Maybe consider this...if the ex keeps dealing and you get back with him, you will end up visiting him in prison. Or, worst case, being in there yourself as an accessory. Not worth it. Time heals a lot of things, sweetie.


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