Now a queen

So my wife goes out last thursday night to meet some girlfriends for drinks. she calls after midnight to say she won't be home and doesn't come back until Tuesday afternoon. i mean she called every day to say she was still out so i wasn't as worried as i was upset and scared of what she was up to. she never does this kind of thing. tuesday she comes home looking ragged out and with six different "queen of spades" tattoos: one on her left breast, one on her lower back, one on her right hip, one on her upper ankle, and one on her foot. and the sixth one on her mound. she was so proud of them and couldn't wait to show them off. i've never seen these things before. but my brother explained it to me. i guess it means my marriage is over. and my life too. i love her.

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  • You love her, well she doesn't give a s*** for you.

  • Get a lawyer and get the h*** out. Make sure you get the kids, you don't want them exposed to a pig like her.

  • I know you still read this so it's time to start answering again!!

  • Time for a divorce!! let the brothers have her pxxxx and support her!!

  • I totally agree with the poster above^. And if she's doing blacks she isn't worth being with anymore. Surrender her to them and go find somebody more suitable to you. She's a diseased-infested s**** now and she won't be getting any better. Divorce her. And keep her away from your children.

  • Don't fool nor blame yourself. Your wife fulfilled a fantasy & will never be the same woman you knew.
    If she talks just listen & don't judge her neither because it was something she had hidden within & released her inhibition. If you have kids you owe it to yourself to be honest with the new reality so have a plan ready for their future.
    It's time you refocus & move forward.

  • Thank you so much for the insight. my mind has been going a billion miles an hour, and i'm not sleeping, so my thinking is impaired. yes, the kids are my prime focus right now, and so far, i've not told them what's happening. my wife doesn't seem inclined to tell them anything, or to even be around them at all: right now, she's having too much fun to worry about children. they have asked where she is and I've just told them "mommy's visiting with some of her friends and staying over" and i don't tell them when -- or if -- she's coming home. again i appreciate your sense of calm and your reasoning in a situation where things are swirling around me. have a great day my friend.

  • Total bullshit loser

  • I wish this were bullshit, I really do. As for being a loser, I would have denied it before she came home marked for them. Now, I can hardly deny it.

  • Just rape her hard and give her


  • She never gave me that. Apparently, she's had a change of heart in this regard, at least as to some men.

  • Now that she has tasted it your not EVER going to be able to keep her off it so you might as well just roll with it. if she got six q.o.s. tats in one weekend shes a dedicated q,o.s.

  • I would like to speak to her!

  • If i understand the meaning of the tattoos correctly i think you would have to be a black guy.

  • Well you will find out, I will need to speak to your wife.
    Your heart is racing from the idea! So go with it!

  • You're probably the kind of man she likes....tho i hope not……….so i wouldn't want you to speak to her...….it probably wouldn't go well for me.....

  • It's going to happen either way, so put her on and you can see what she actually gets up to!

  • I think she is getting all the attention she needs or wants. Putting her in front of you, however, seems like a bad idea. And a really risky idea. God knows what could happen. I used to think I knew her. And that I knew what she was capable of. Now? I have no idea what she might do in any particular situation. To be honest, your confidence about her makes me wonder whether or not you already know her. Maybe too well...… Or maybe you're just a confident man. I know she likes that. A lot.

  • Like you say, you don't know her as well as you thought you did?
    So you have nothing to lose and everything to gain seeing her on action could help you understand more!
    When is a good time for me and her to talk?

  • Does "seeing her in action" mean you expect me to sit here while its actually happening? i didn't know you meant that. i'm supposed to just sit here while the two of you say God knows what to each other? just sit here quietly and watch? just sit here and watch you work her over? just sit here and watch while you make her melt? just watch while you two possibly humiliate me? in front of the world? jesus. jesus. jesus. you talk to me like i'm just supposed to do what you say when it comes to my wife. you talk like you've done this before. done it to other wives and that you've used other husbands besides me. you even make ME feel like I'm just supposed to do what you say. f***. this makes me feel weak. f***. it's the way you talk to me. f*** it's the exact same way SHE makes me feel. f***. how did you do this?

  • You know in a strange way tho you are kind of enjoying it and yes tha is all true I have done it before! And I'm going to with your wife, at least this way, you can see and find out.
    I need a time is she there now?!

  • She is here now. she read your comments. are you here?

  • Hello, looks like we are going to have some fun my name's Leon

  • Very sorry. i showed her what we had posted and she was excited because she thought you were "hot as ass-f***" (i won't tell you how she compared me to you while she was reading). i thought she was gonna stay at least the afternoon but she got called out early and left. i doubt i will see her now until after the weekend but i will get her back then. i'm sorry for messing things up (its what she says i'm good at) and for inconveniencing you and wasting your time. so sorry.

  • Well to prove you a are sorry, go and get her wedding dress down when I speak to her I want her dressed in that!
    And you will need to buy her some new sexy underwear and she will need a lot of lube ok!

  • Are you there right now?!

  • I just now got back in from church and then a church-outing for my kids (one boy and two girls). the wife is not here now, although i really didn't expect to find her here.with tomorrow being a holiday for her (not me) I may not see her until tuesday morning. honest to mothereffing God dude....i have no reason to do what you demanded (have you noticed that you never "ask" me to do anything? you just "tell" me to do it...... it's the way she speaks to me now too, ever since she got the q.o.s. tats).none!!!! i will go now and buy the new undies (I assume you mean panties?) and the f*** lube as instructed. she will laugh at me for following orders. i'll have to take the kids with me on my shopping excursion.....and explain what? those items i guess i understand clearly enough. but why the wedding gown? i know right where it is in her closet. but why? what are you planning on having her do with it? and another i need to plan to get rid of the children when you are talking to her or do you want her to make that call? but please please tell me...why the wedding dress?????? WTF is that all about?

  • Its the dress that worries me.......what are you planning to make her do?

  • Its the dress that has me worried....what are you going to make her do?

  • Yes very sexy underwear, sexy thong or French knickers are you fetching them now!?

  • Are you there yet? one of my guy friends called after I typed your message but before i left to get the panties and vaginal/a*** lube and i tried to explain who you are and what you were making me do. he said to ignore you. i told him that's what i would do. but i'm afraid of what SHE might do if I don't obey. she was hot for you. and if i am disobedient, she might do worse to me than you would. why am i following your orders? why do i feel like i have to? i don't even f****** know you so why is his happening? and again....what about the wedding dress?

  • Back soon.

  • Leaving now.

  • When you are back I want a full description of your wife b******-ass-p****-build and also her hair and eyes!
    If you answer all my questions I will explain about the wedding dress!

  • Sorry for the delay but it took awhile to get to the store. we just got a "Hustler" merch store here and that's where i went for the panties/thongs and lube. i felt like a pervert buying this stuff -- particularly with the children waiting in the car -- but since it was for her i managed. i will say though that i wish she was using this with me and not for you but it seems that cannot be stopped. i still don't understand why i'm doing your bidding and helping you hook her up. why? how do you do that?

    she is short (5'1") and a bit on the heavy side but with a sexy voluptuous shape and she carries herself like she has something "in" her, if you know what I mean. (one of her girlfriends says she moves like she has a butt plug inside her and is constantly grinding on it....."like a w****"). her b****** aren't large (she's thought about getting a large augmentation but has been putting it off for 6-7 years) although her bras are a smallish "c" cup, not tiny. i will say though that she has the best nipples i've ever seen in person; long and thick and dark brown, and hard when she's aroused or just generally h****. the p**** is unusually meaty but hairless (waxing, not shaving), although the hairlessness has only been since she went q.o.s.; before that, she had a reeeeeally thick bush (it was a filthy f***-jungle down there and i loved that). her hair is naturally brown but her q.o.s. sponsor made her get wide bright blond highlights and cut it shoulder-length. I don't care for that look but she thinks it catches the attention of every black man she encounters. her eyes are brown and she wears contacts mostly, but occasionally uses her glasses.

    i hope that giving you all this information (ammunition?) doesn't get me in trouble, but i guess its okay because she said you were "hot as ass-f***", a phrase she never used until she became q.o.s..

  • I like big nipples and the hair sounds great, I prefer a shaven p**** your wife sounds f*cking hot!!
    Describe the underwear and what turns her on!

  • I loved the big massive bush (front to back). but if you like the smooth teenie look you'll like what she's sporting now.

    here's the lingerie list. (1) dreamgirl pink panty with black lace border, cut out in back. (2) seven-til-midnight red satin bow-back g-string. (3) dreamgirl black cross-strap lace panty with high hip straps. (4) shadow-kiss metallic lace bustier with panty, black with crimson panels on both. (5) store brand crotchless panty.

    the lube is all water-based (safer to ingest): (1) JO-H2O vaginal lube. (2) Wicked Jelle a*** lube.

    what turns her on is the odd thing here. she is type-a and very much a control freak. but from what I've been able to understand about the q.o.s. women, they are all being dominated by the black males whether they are actual partners or just passarounds. its hard for me to envision her in the submissive role. my first wife was overly submissive and it was this woman's manipulative nature and dominance that drew me to her. i cant understand this new behavior (if that is what is, though I've not actually seen her submit). one thing apparently hasn't changed: her men have to eat the p****.

  • I will eat her p*ssy and her ass! I will also make her squirt! What's her first name (no need for surname)
    Does she have s** toys?

  • If the page goes down, it can happen go in to the next page "it finally happened"

  • She never used to like ass-play at all, not r****** or penetration. and she never used to even be able to squirt although god knows i tried my best. but since she went q.o.s. it seems that all of that is now in play. she still won't give ME the ass, in any way, but the blacks have an all-access card to every part of the girl's body. so since you're black i have to believe that all her doors (and windows and vents and cracks) are going to be open. she also is now a squirter but i never managed to bring that off. seems she squirts like mad for the right color c***.

    she never gives her real name on line: she just uses "Jodi" and i assume that's what she would want you to use in talking to her.

    s** toys were another thing that didn't interest her much. she had a jackrabbit but only rarely used it. if she was h**** she came to me. that is no more. now she only f**** her blacks and she has a couple dozen toys.....all the toys are black....all the toys are thick...…..all the toys are LONG. one of our daughters found the stash while she was away and i had to create a lie and then re-hide them because she was playing with them and even smelling them. so wife has toys.

  • Let me know when you are back I have more questions!

  • Most of the time i can't post here: the site won't accept it for some reason. and sometimes even if it takes, when i check back, the previous post is gone. i don't even know what it is up with that s***. i wonder if it's just you f****** with me for fun......

  • I don't like it that you are so much in control of this and that i'm just going along with everymotherfuckingthing you say to do but i guess obeying is what she would want out of me. i'm at the office today but occasionally have bits of time where i can sneak off onto the internet. i'll try to answer the additional questions but i still would like some answers to those i asked. is there any chance of that happening...….?

  • Not yet! Not until you have answered my questions!
    Has she made contact with you yet? If not are you able to make contact with her?!

  • I've answered all your f****** questions dude and even some you didn't ask. no she hasn't called me, and she probably won't until she just shows up looking ragged. i've tried calling her several times (trying to be sure it was okay to tell you personal things about her and also because our daughters wanted to talk to her, probably wanting to know about the things i bought her last night that you told me to buy) but she doesn't answer. i left a v-mail for her saying i was in contact with you hoping that would interest her enough to call back or maybe even come home even though i still don't understand why i am helping you. i assume that means shes busy f****** black. and i assume that's what you want from her too. i mean what other questions could you have? what are you doing to me? and why? i'm getting tired of how you manipulate. you seem real good at that.

  • Are you there????

  • I'm here now!

  • Let me know when your wife gets in!!

  • I'm Jodi. I have to say that I like the way you've been running my husband in circles like a dog. LOL. Until I went black I never realized what a little b**** he is. You've shown that to the world. It's because you are a REAL MAN.

  • Hi Jodi I'm Leon, and yes because you need a real man!
    I made him buy you some sexy underwear from me, he should have your old wedding dress out? Which is now our new wedding dress!
    Your description you sound hot as fukk my c*ck is hungry for white meat are you ready for some fun?

  • She left for work about an hour after she posted. she doesn't have online access at work. if she comes home after work she will probably check in here but if she goes to meet her q.o.s. sponsor she won't be home tonite.

  • She had a 12hr shift today, and had to stay over for another couple hours. She called and said she wouldn't be home tonight but maybe tomorrow night. I don't guess I need to explain where she is instead of home with her family. I told her you wanted to talk soon and to not make you wait.

  • This would just be easier if I met up with properly and you can serve us in everything we tell you! as I have her several times, it's very clear that she has a big need of having all her holes pleasured!
    And you need to more greatfull for everything!
    You obviously are not asking enough for her to stay! And from now on you will address me as SIR!!

  • Hi Leon, it's Jodi again. I came home to sleep for a couple hours because we were over-covered at work until noon and so now I'm going back. But I checked in here and just had to write you to say how much I f****** love the way you speak to my husband. I love strong powerful black men, who take charge and don't take s*** from whites and especially from white husbands. You are clearly a man -- a REAL man -- who knows how to handle himself and who knows how to handle his women. I really love how you said you would eat my ass and eat my p**** and make me squirt, and I have thought of that often. Hubby has never had my ass (and never will) and has never been enough man to make me squirt. He doesn't know how to handle me but you surely do and that is why he's so disrespectful to you. I really really LOVE you making him call you "sir". I actually did LOL when I read that. And, I admit, it made me wet to see you taking control of him. What a p**** you're making of him! LOL! I want to know more about what you have in mind for me, although for now, I have to get back to work. But first? I have to go change my panties because you've got me all wet again! Part of the reason for that is that I know he'll be reading this after lunch sometime, and he will be LIVID with me for slutting it up with you here and humiliating him (though we are just getting started with that). The rest of the reason, of course, is that you are such a f****** MAN, so unlike the p**** I married. Keep up the good work, darling. And as I always say...….KEEP IT STIFF!

  • If you make an excuse for 30 minutes, we can show the little sh*t how a real man knows to treat his woman! Did you read that at your work place faggots!!

  • WTF???!? WTF?!!!!??? are you already f****** her? she speaks like its already happening ("the way you eat my ass and eat my p**** and make me squirt")!! and YOU speak like its already BEEN happening ("as I have had her several times, its very clear that she has a big need of having her holes all pleasured")!!!! are you her q.o.s. sponsor? i want to know how long this has been going on!! you and her are making me look the fool! so how long has this been going on? how long? HOW LONG?

  • You forgot to call me "SIR" talk to me how you are supposed to!! and I will enlighten you!!

  • … you sir..... okay.....sir i am asking if you are already involved with my wife ...….i am asking what you know about her holes..... i am asking if you have actually made her squirt...i am asking if you told her to get all those q.o.s. tats and if its because you own her somehow.....and i am asking how long this has been going on. i have tried several times late this afternoon and this evening to call her by phone and have got no answer or i have one other question then too..... is she there with you now? and are you in her now? and are the two of you laughing at me...……….while you f***?

  • And i'm still waiting for an answer about the g****** dress!


  • I'm sorry sir....I am tired and frustrated...….and my wife is making it all worse. please sir tell me. please don't wait any longer to tell me sir. sir i am asking kindly. please sir. oh sir please.

  • I can make her wet just through my very words!
    She is hungry for me! She will plead for me to put my c*ck in her mouth as she stairs at me with those hungry eyes feeling that she has been blessed by a deity!

    I will eat her p*ssy and ass out thrusting my fingers and fists inside her! Opening her up for my c*ck!
    I will fukk fukk and fukk her hard until she pleads for me to take her ass!
    And when I'm ready I will take it!! Take when and only when! I want to!!

    She will be squirting everywhere screaming anything and everything I command! And when I'm ready I will stick it back where it once came from a shoot my load deep hot c*m down her throat but only after she she says that she is there to pleasure my c*ck!
    And that's just act one!

    You are sat there right now excited and heart racing yet super turned on! Why because I'm in control me!! SIR!! you b****!! Now admit that this is what you truly want!!!!

  • I can't b elieve this is happening. really can't even believe it. why? she is there pleasuring your c***? that is her purpose now? its not what i want but it apparently is what is happening whether i want it or not. as for being a b**** i guess that is the case too. yes sir i suppose all this makes me a b****.

  • Finally! Make sure you answer before you go to work I don't like waiting! Plus keep checking if through day if I require anything!
    From now on you will refer to Jodi as "mistress"!
    Make sure to address us both correctly! And make sure you do it before work!!!

  • Jodi I take what I want and I'm taking you!
    Your my wife now!
    And I want my c*ck deep inside you! It hungry for your holes especially your ass, I will make you squirt while I'm ramming your ass!
    If you have work then here's what you are to do, wear no panties or a bra! Mini skirt, high heels and a see through blouse/shirt as possible,
    B-I-T-C-H will put these out for you ( did you hear that B-I-T-C-H! Sort mistresses clothes out!)
    If you get h**** Jodi my wife finger your p*ssy and ass.
    If you feel to h**** let someone fukk you at work but I want descriptions!

  • Sorry...…. one of our kids got sick during the night and we had to get her to the clinic. turned out to only be food poisoning but they had to pump her stomach.that was hard but she is better now.she had to stay home from school while the wife went back to work and i stayed home with the sick child.jodi is a floor nurse and therapist at an LTAC hospital so she cant wear anything except scrubs that the place provides. too bad because she looks really great in what amy winehouse called f***-me-pumps. (in fact that song was her favorite for years: she even got to hear amy sing it in concert....twice!) i apologize for losing my s*** yesterday but it was a horrible day, topped off by the illness.

  • I hope the child is better, Jodi must feel very tense? And be in need of of some sexual release, go tell her, that Leon her "husband" is here! Don't forget to call her mistress and me sir!

  • I slept (and nothing more) with hubby night-before-last and then awoke h**** as a rat because I'd come in from my black date that night unsatisfied (he had to go home to his black wife). So what did I do? I got up and put on my wedding dress, which you had conveniently had him lay out for me. Woke up my husband and as I stood there in my bridal regalia, I told him to "Imagine Leon f****** me in this, roughly, repeatedly and rudely (mostly rudely, because that's who you are), imagine Leon hosing me down with his c**, and soaking the dress in it". I told him to "Imagine this dress dripping Leon's s****, the s**** of a REAL man." Then I told him to "Imagine the smell, and how delicious that would be". And lastly, I told him to imagine me knocked up with one of Leon's MANY mixed-race b****** children, all being raised by their white mothers and by the p***-poor weak-ass pasty-white husbands of those lucky white women. Then I lifted up the dress from the bottom, displaying a pair of the lovely panties you had him purchase for me, and slid one of my longest, thickest and blackest d***** into me, grinding and groaning on it, and telling him, "This isn't as big as Leon, but it'll have to do." He tried to get me to stop saying such cruel things, but I just laughed at him. And I called him "B****". And laughed harder. LOL. Thanks for giving him the name B****. I'm going to be using it more often. He's going to be crying more often. LOL.

  • I am rude and I take what I want!
    But there is something you need to know Jodi! I'm not black! I'm white! I take what I want because I'm an alpha! Why be the queen of spad s when you can be queen if the world!
    Now B-i-t-c-h will be even more humiliated! Before he thought it was because only because of black, but no it's because he is pathetic!!
    I've turned you on and you dream of me having you Jodi so it's time to go with this!
    Don't call him husband anymore im your husband!
    B-i-t-c-h is now only to call you mistress and me sir! I want to fukk you later when will you be back? And B-i-t-c-h is to watch and do our bidding!!

  • Leon, you need to know that I am a confirmed niggadickfreak now and that I am owned -- in every sense -- by Baron, the most magnificent specimen of manhood you would have ever seen. In addition to his appearance there is the matter of his performance, which confirms he is from heaven, and the fact that he shares my body with certain of his special black clients and friends. I am his property. You need to know.

    You also need to know that you have totally understood thebitch. You know him on a deep level. He has denied that, as you know, but I can tell you that the way you have manipulated him and humiliated him arouses him. Just the mention of your name, or holding up my wedding dress, or taking out any of the items you made him purchase, gives him an instant erection. And when you told him you knew he was excited by my relationship with you, that his heart was racing right now, that you were in control of things, and that THIS IS WHAT HE TRULY WANTS, you made him c** for you and me. No, I didn't actually see it, but I'm certain it happened, with him sitting at his computer, with his inferior c*** in his hand, and then making his insufficient s**** dribble from the tip. I think he may even want to suck your d*** for you.....and for me.

    What I've written here will embarrass and humiliate thebitch, and it will infuriate him, naturally, but do you and I care? Of course not. That's the fun. And yes we should worsen his humiliation by making him sit here and watch while you use me, f*** me, ruin me, abuse me, and then do it all over again. You will even p*** on me, in front of him, and with my girlfriends watching. He may or may not ever appear here again, once he accepts what a man you are, and sees how inferior he is. With the black men I serve, it's abstract to him, but with you, it's real. He's afraid of you. And he wants you. He wants you in my life and in his. And he wants you in my body and in his. We will hurt him. Let's play sometimes. LOL

  • I will ruin you Jodi! And abuse the s*** out of you, I want you juices squirting and gushing everywhere! We need to drench that wedding dress, with squirt and pee!
    I want your ass opened up! After I've tried tongue fukked it! I will ram my c*ck in there while I fist your p*ssy!
    I want you screaming I'm going to slap your t*** around! Until they RED! Get back to as soon as you get this Jodi!

    As for you B-i-t-c-h! You can answer! I have questions! Don't make me wait and remember how to address me!!

  • Sometimes a woman needs a beating like you described. Sometimes a woman just wants one. She wants her man to show her who's boss and a serious beating is one way to do that. Another is for him to open up my ass the way you described. So beat me, and open my ass. you know thebitch won't like that! LOL

  • Jodi is at work sir.... i don't understand why she said all those things about me...… she knows me better than that..... i am so not gay …. totally not gay ………….and it makes me so m************ angry to read that …..i am so not aroused by they way you and she are treating me in this.....i was the one who was wronged......the ONLY one who was wronged......she cheated and is still cheating with black men......and is allowing you to use her too......i am the one hurt.....and it does not give me fact i f****** HATE it.... and i want it to stop. right now... i want it to stop right now. she is using you to help cover her tracks. believe me. she is f****** blacks but there are people who she would not want to know me its true. that will make her mad that i said it but its true. the thing i maybe hate the most is thatshe is publicly offering you her ass and she has always refused it to me. that hurts. please stop sir.

  • Please sir just stop this nightmare. Jodi please don't do this anymore b ut especially not with leon. you know why.

  • Why?

  • B-i-t-c-h I asked a question! I expect an answer! And I told you to call my "WIFE-JODIE" mistress!

  • Sir it wasn't until this morning that the site reopened this posting. that is the reason we have not responded. that and the fact the Mistress has been out literally every night, pleasing her black men. and probably by now, you sir. when she mentions you, she says she wishes I were ten percent of the man you are, sir. and if that were the case, then she might never have become a queen of spades she says: she would have been properly cared for. she has left her wedding dress out of the closet, hanging in full display, to remind me (she says) of your new position in her life. you should know (though you probably already know) that she has taken to calling me "b****" even in front of our children. demeaning? degrading? despicable? yes to all. she is making me her b****.

    when I said "you know why" i was not speaking to you. i was speaking to Jodi. she would understand that. you would not. she will probably also explain to you what she did one night last your name. it was humiliating, sir.

  • Yes Jodi my wife, I want to know!
    And I think it is time b I t c h you admit that you love this situation!
    You clearly want me in your mistresses life "my wife!" You get off on the idea of me putting my big hard c*** up in her ass, making her squirt, screaming my name! She dreams about me! She wants me in her life and in her! Don't you think it's time B I T C H that you admit you love this too?!!

  • You seem to be in communication with her behind my back sir. i don't know how else you could be saying the same things to me that she says to me. they are almost precisely the same things …….except that they somehow hurt more coming from you. she told me just last night that she knows i love the fact that you are in both our lives and that you are taking over my role in her life. she says you are what she thought i would be when she left her husband and children to marry me. she has told me many times already that i should take lessons from you on how to be a man and definitely on how to treat a woman. but last night when she said she knows i love what you are doing to both of us i denied it three times and finally she laughed and said "i bet you even have an erection right now B****". i denied that too and then she suddenly reached out and cupped her hand over the front of my fly....and she found that i was hard. i turned beet red and that sent her over the edge in laughter. she said "maybe you ought to call leon and ask him what the f*** your supposed to do with that". and then she left to meet her black master and q.o.s. sponsor. i'm sorry sir but i can't admit what you are asking me to admit i just cannot do it. she would read it. i will already never be able to live down her checking my erection. i cant give her more ammunition. and i certainly can't give YOU anymore. sir. things are bad enough as they are.

  • Bad enough, you clearly in denial! You are loving this B I T C H and you know you are!
    In your own words, you have admitted it!
    You had a erection, you do not deny it's true! You just can't admit it!

    The world cry's out for people like me! To take charge, to take lead, to be the alpha!! And that is what you want to!
    My wife Jodi grabbed your c o c K and you didn't bend her over and fukk the ass of her!?
    Why? Why? Because you are an alpha and you look to me to take control I would have made Jodi plead with me to fukk her in all her holes and drink my man milk! She cry for the pleasure that I give her!!
    Her panties get wet every time she thinks or hears about me!....... as do you right now! You know I'm not gay!?! But you now want me! You faggots c u n t!
    Now if you admit the truth I might buy you a present for being a good B I T C H!

  • Jodi has "ordered" me to reply (she also told me i had to "like" your last comment) and so i'm doing that although i certainly don't want to and it certainly was not my idea. i thought she would want to be the one to tell you this herself (since you seem to be talking to her somehow) but then last night she issued the instruction. here goes. several nights ago we were in bed together, even though we have not been intimate now for weeks. her wedding dress was hanging in front of her closet door and we could see it even though the room was unlit: there was enough light from the outside to see. she told me that you had informed her that you plan to marry her. and then she told me that she was going to wear that same dress when you marry her. it happens to be my mother's wedding dress but she gave it to Jodi because she loved her (she has since died), for herself and for our daughter. she said she knew it would humiliate me to wear it with you and i acknowledged that it was true. then she told me this: "leon is going to make you walk me down the aisle and give me him...….and then...….he's going to tear it off my body and f*** me naked on the altar of the church.....right in front of god and all those attending." she said you would be rude about it and call me names while doing her, explaining how badly she'd been needing d*** and how i am not capable of giving it to her like she needs it. you are making her into something she never was and you are encouraging her to truly ruin me. but the thing she knew i didn't want to say was that when she told me that you were going to "f*** her naked in the church", i came. i came more than i have ever c** and she knew it because she could see me bucking and smell my s****.....there was so much. she laughed and said..... "i could never make you c** like that....but apparently leon can.....i guess he's your lover now.....and you are certainly his b****.... just look at all your c** for him".

  • She insisted that i "like" your last comment because she knows that i came multiple times while reading and rereading and rerereading and rererereading your calling me "faggots c***". i would not have admitted any of that and but she told me i had to do it, or she would do it for me. she insisted, because you are the kind of man who deserves to know that he is the alpha, in every f****** way, but particularly within another man's marriage. she said that from now on, i am expected (by her and by you) to report to you every time you make me c**. she wants it in writing and she wants to be able to use it against me in court...… show that I've been cheating on her with you, so that she will be a sympathetic character, and so that she will get more money and property when she divorces me and you take over my place in her life and in our bed.

  • And she says i must start signing off this way...….
    f***** b**** c***

  • Jodi did not tell me to say this, and i suppose there will be h*** to pay for it, but i'm saying it anway because its just true:
    i hate you and i hate her.

  • Then why do you keep cuming when when you read my messages then?!

  • And be honest you don't hate me you adore me B I T C H! You just wish it was you instead of my wife Jodi!!

  • Sir: i confess that last part to be one of my darkest filthiest and most perverted fantasies. yes sir. i do imagine you doing me instead of your wife Jodi. i imagine you going in my ass and pounding me over and over and over and over. and then pulling out and sticking it in my mouth...….and down my throat. instead of you doing that to your wife Jodi.
    oh my dear sweet mother of Christ...………
    you just made me c** again....

  • I will never ever be able to defend myself in court now...…
    your wife Jodi has won......and you have won...….

  • Now you have started telling the truth, B I T C H! I've have got questions and orders for you!
    But I have not forgot do you want to know what your gift is?!

  • I'm very afraid to ask sir.....but yes..... i do want to know what the gift is sir. your wife told me that the gift you planned was that you would start "letting me" suck your d***. please don't make it that sir. please don't. Jodi laughed when she said it and told me that both you and she think i would look good with a d*** in the mouth. she said that while i sucked your d*** you told her that you would instruct her to f*** me in my ass with a giant strapon. she said "that's what b****** do....b****....they get it up their ass!" i don't like where this is heading but i guess i cant do much to change it can i.

  • I've got a bad hard-on.

  • These answers are all coming out of order. i don't know why.

  • ......….oh darling......

  • Omg.....please don't leave sir......please don't leave me ......please ...….PLEASE ...… are you tormenting me on purpose...… are you teaching me a lesson.... what is happening to me..... what are you doing to me.....??????

  • I don't think we ever been online at the same time before its exciting.....

  • ...i forgot to say something that your wife told me to tell you sir.....after she finished telling me what she said about the dicksuckings and the assfuckings i mentioned above i went off to the bathroom and jerked it like a madman....i came eight times....after the second time she realized what i was up to and she came in and started pouring it on.....telling me about the size and shape and beauty of your c*** and all the things you do with it and how much c** you produce and how rude and vicious and dirty you are when you f*** and how much damage you would do to my r***** with a d*** the size of what you have in your pants and how she would video us while you f***** me and then show it to my parents and my sisters and bosses..... but i told her i didn't think you would f*** a man because you aren't gay...and she laughed and said i'm not enough of a man to make f****** me a gay thing....she said you would just be using me as a cumdump and an orifice.....i came until there was no more c** in me sir.....she said that i am really becoming quite the wonderful c***.....

  • Make sure you stay on line!!
    Maybe one day day I will let you sick sick but not yet! Tomorrow you will go and buy yourself a collar, from a pet store!
    I don't Know what to have in graved?!
    I think you are obsessed with me so tell me how much you love me! And I will decide!!

  • I'm still here are you there

  • Yes sir i will do so as you instructed. i don't know what to engrave on it so i will leave that to you and your wife Jodi sir. i am not as creative or thoughtful as either of you. as for love.....Jodi has already said several times that i am captivated by you and that i am in love with you. part of the reason she says that is that she says i have had more o****** and produced much much much more c** since you entered our lives than i ever did before that. so she says it has to be true. "c** doesnt lie" is one of her favorite phrases sir. she says you are the love of my life. i do not believe it but she swears its true sir. she says i should begin calling you darling instead of sir because it better describes the feelings i have for you. again that is what she says sir not what i say.

  • I am still on line....i am doing as you ordered.....i am being obedient...….

  • I'm still here....what are you doing to me.....please come back.....if i scared you or offended you i am so very sorry.....please come back....omg i am so totally begging...… sitting here at my computer with my c*** out hard as a rock ……. please come take care of me...… please come back...…. oooooooohhhhh…..

  • You will call e master from now on!

  • You said your mother died yet referee to your parents!

  • My dad remarried a woman i like a lot and i call her mom. its dumb i know (and Jodi says so too) but shes family. i think dad may have actually been having an affair with her long before my mother died.

  • Order Jodi back tonight now!!!!
    I don't duck men I duck them up!! That includes BLACKS!!!

  • I don't have that power sorry. Jodi has always done what she wanted. besides shes off in the world of black d**** and b**** tonight. she wouldn't come home under any circumstances. shes getting more d*** than any woman in the world including hookers.

  • You forgot to call me master!!

  • What does your mother in law look like everything t*ts, ass, looks!! I have plans!! If you are good I might let some of my friends rape you! Would you like that!!

  • Dear master.....the site keeps moving this around and makes it impossible to find. are you asking about Jodi's mother or my step-mom? i'm sorry but I wasn't sure. they are different women in almost every way. as for rape....well I must say no that does not appeal to me. do I seem the type? have you done any raping of your own?

  • I must say that the way you think is very hot.

  • On the other hand......she might very well be the best thing that ever happened to you. She might give you the best f******* in the history of the world. She might be the love of your life. Why take the chance of missing out on something that would be wonderful for both of you? Go for it! You never know what might happen!! That woman you dismissed and now avoid could be your salvation.

  • I could not sleep because i was thinking of you. i was thinking of having you raping me. in front of your wife Jodi. i jerked off four times but it didn't help. it didn't make me want you any less. damn! G******!

  • It won't be me B I T C H! I will make sure they are black that rape you! and then you can have the tatoo! As for Jodi she is my wife and she needs to call me darling! You call me, master BI T C H!
    As for your dog collar, it should read B I T C H!

  • Your mother in law is Jodi's mom and you step mom is who your dad remarried! I want both of them! Describe them both to me!!

  • Me and Jodi need to start planning our wedding and getting things in motion so answer B I T CH! Quickly!!!

  • Some responses that are odds and ends for now since i don't have much time this afternoon.

    1) Jodi's mother is a straightlaced prim and proper lady. she was always a stay at home mom and focused on her family. her husband will be retiring somewhat soon and they will likely move to the beach. where Jodi is wild and loud and obscene, her mother is the exact opposite. she's very thin and a little frail-looking and dresses VERY conservatively. light-brown brunette hair, with a decent small-B-cup. Ggasses, little makeup, slightly-out-of-date hairstyle.

    2) dad's wife is very different. she's a bottle-blonde and has a personality to match. she's on the heavy side but shapely-bordering-on-voluptuous. my guess is that she's packing a D-cup; i know for a fact she likes exhibiting it. she moved in on him not long after my mom died, and everyone is certain she was f****** him long before that. i'm not sure, but she is certainly the type. one of her best friends calls her "trailer trash all grown up".

    3) Jodi says the collar should read "property of leon".

    4) As for the rapings, it's bad enough that Jodi is giving it up to n******. i won't go for that. if i'm going to be raped i will wait for you to do it to me. that idea excites me. f****** n****** does NOT excite me and i will not f*** n******. i want the n****** off both of us. please don't make me beg you to rape me. no n******. never.

    faggotsbitchcunt (for you alone)

  • I'll never touch you sexually ever!
    But now I'm going to fukk Jodi's mom and your step mom for your twos insolence!!
    And you will make it happen! The collar reads B I T C H!!
    Once me and Jodi are married there will be no blacks!! But I will keep fukking other women!!
    We might keep you around as a pet! To look after kids and clean up! And if blacks come knocking then they can fukk you!!
    Don't push you luck with me B I T C H! Or I will seriously mess you up? You don't want to be blinded and not know anything that's going on! Especially reading messages.
    Be a good pet and follow your masters orders as I have said!!!!!

  • But i want you to touch me sexually, and i want to touch you sexually, OFTEN! i think about that every day. i think about pleasing you and being pleasured by you. god how i want you. i want you in me!

  • Sweet Leon, it's me, Jodi, home for a couple of hours, though I'll be going back out for the rest of the night as soon as I finish this note: multiple black d**** await me and I will not pass up those chances. I thought you should know a couple of things. First, your submissive b**** did not order his collar as you instructed him. He offered a lame excuse, but I made it clear to him that it wasn't a choice you offered: it was an order you issued. He will order it himself (like you, I want him humiliated by it), and he will do that tomorrow on the way home from work. I promise you he'll do it, but rail him anyway. He deserves it. Second, I want nothing -- NOTHING -- to do with any relationships you establish with his step-mother or my mom. If it happens it will be because your b**** set it up, and if it fails, it will not be my fault. Pressure him, he will fold. Third, whether by intuition or happenstance, I don't know, but you have touched two VERY raw nerves on this b****: being a cuckolded slave/servant and getting f***** by blacks. I'm not going to give either game away, but you are definitely onto something with him in both instances. You have a wonderful (and wonderfully sinful) imagination, and so I know you will win both rounds. Go to work on the b****, and don't let up. DO NOT let up.

  • I'm not even going to comment on what she wrote but you need to know that your wife must be getting used to being the only girl at the black party and getting hammered by multiple blacks. she used to come home looking wrecked and ragged after s** even with her master and now when she comes home from being had by a group of those dirty animals she just looks normal and not even tired. since shes your wife now i thought you ought to know what shes up to. you might want to reconsider those wedding plans...… shes quite a w**** now it seems.... i doubt shes shared that tidbit with you..... i would never f*** all those n****** she f**** but she is enjoying herself. shes such a filthy f****** w**** now i doubt you will want her for a wife anymore.

  • ….btw....her friend martina got queen of spades tattoos over this past weekend....she probably mentioned martina to you....martina didn't get them all over her like Jodi did but she got at least 2 that i could see.....

  • How dare you call your mistress, my wife those names you dirty f**-got C U N T, B I T C H!!
    Right you need to make up for this!
    You are going to invite Jodi's mom round and just her! When she comes to the house you will be wearing you b I t C H collar! You will tell you have something very important that she needs to see, you will her to the bedroom with the wedding dress in full view, then you will put her on! And I will do the rest.

    This will happen at this Saturday at 12.00 that s lunch time time!! Make sure you don't fail b I t C h!!

    Next week you are going out too, not this weekend, next! So you will need to get babysitters and you will need a new dress b I t C h! I want Jodi to take you out with her and she will get you a big black man, who will have you!!

  • This is not ecceptable!! You had a chance, and now you will face real punishment!! You style of writing is clear elsewhere too!
    I am now going to step it up a lot more the pair of you Jodi!! You are never there, so I will make it so you can never ignore it!!!!

  • It must be killing you not to talk to me
    B I T C H!

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