One weekend some years ago I was asked to work the weekend in an empty flat on the Sunday I had a bit of a hang over so I asked the bosses son to go to the shop and get me a cool drink he was 17 and when he came back he had a copy of playboy magazine and he said I bought you that because you told me once you always feel h**** the day after a drink.we were working in the kitchen so I was leaning on the worktop and got interested in a story when his hand came round and felt my erect c*** and he said must be a good story I felt his hand pull down my zip on my denims and I thought of telling him to stop as I am married but the words wouldn’t come out before I knew it my denims and shorts were at my ankles and he had my b**** in one hand and wanked my c*** with the other he told me I had a nice c*** and I shot my load all over his hand he then took his c*** out which I have to admit was bigger than mine and told me it was my turn I layer with his c*** and then he told me to suck it he told me he loved getting older men h**** especially married men because they could keep it a secret he now phones me to come to his flat and have s** with him whenever he wants

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  • Nothing wrong with it I like dressing like. A 👧 having my ads f*****

  • Ew,gay

  • Looking for a young c*** sucker

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