Failed attempt

My husband and I have been contemplating the idea of hooking up with a third wheel, We started just doing a little role playing and I began to think about it a bit more even when I was alone, I would see a girl and think "Hmmm, I wonder if he would enjoy her" or see a guy and wonder "Hmmm, I wonder if I would enjoy him", My husband never really confirmed what his thoughts were as to whether he would prefer me and another girl or him and another guy but...I was pretty sure that he would want two girls, I think that is a pretty standard fantasy among men.
I knew there would never be any way I could ever be able to be the one to bring someone else home, Just the idea of presenting that kind of a proposition to someone else made me nervous and make my palms sweaty but I also didn't think he would ever be able to ask another woman to join us thinking that any woman he propositioned would think he was just a perv. I knew he enjoyed role playing me and him and another guy but he also seemed to get off faster when I would talk dirty about another girl so there was a bit of a disconnect there as to what he actually wanted.
I had thought about both and had decided in my mind that I would kind of prefer another woman since it would be less focus on me and, Well...Girls are just...Softer and more gentle and whatever but my husband apparently had a different idea in his mind. We dropped the kids off at my parents and went out as we usually do once a month, We went for supper, A late movie and stopped at a pub on the way home, We met up with a friend of his and were sitting there having drinks and talking. When he got up and went to the washroom my husband leaned in and whispered to me "Would you do Scotty?".
My eyes got wide and I dropped my jaw, I whispered "What, Stop it", His friend returned before he could pursue that any more but he had put the thought in my mind and I had a few drinks in me so as I sat there I kept looking at him wondering what it would be like, My husband kept rubbing my leg and touching me, Being very affectionate.
Date night is usually...Intimacy night so as usual I was dressed nice, A little provocative, Low cut top, Shorter than normal skirt, Thigh highs and heels, I had made a special attempt at being dirty and had on a shelf bra, I don't have big b******, Never have and multiple children over a five year period have left them...Deflated but I have found that wearing an underwire shelf bra actually works well at making them look more attractive, I had chosen not to wear underwear that night and had been planning on letting him find out at some point which I had done at the movie when I moved his hand from my thigh to my...Nether region.
My husband invited Scott to our place for a drink and we all got in the cab, My husband got in the front seat leaving me and Scott in the back seat, Scott is a guy I have thought about a couple times during our role play sessions but usually only when my husband would bring him up, He used to date a friend of mine Melanie and she had told me he was well built downstairs and super nice but she never really got too much into it. I had let my skirt ride up so as to give a little peek of the top of my stockings and my husband kept looking back to see if Scott had noticed, He had but was being pretty sneaky about it.
We got home, Went inside and Scott asked where the kids were, My husband told him and put on some music, We were sitting in the kitchen having a drink and my husband was motioning for me to flash something at Scott, My heart was racing, My palms were sweaty, My hands were shaky and I leaned across the counter in front of him to grab something knowing that my shirt usually allows a peek down it in certain situations, I watched Scott out of the corner of my eye and he looked right down my top then his eyebrows lifted slightly. We had another drink and I changed my seating position so Scott could see a little more of my lower body than would normally be considered ok and caught him looking at my legs multiple times then when my husband went to the washroom I turned my upper body spreading my legs as I did while looking away but could see his reflection in the window.
Scott looked right up my skirt and I knew he was looking right at my crotch, I have spent two years in laser hair removal and it drives my husband wild, Aside from the fact that he knows every time I go that my best friend is touching me down there and he often asks if it excites me so I tell him all about it, I have no hair anywhere down there and my husband says I look amazing and have to admit that I have looked with a mirror and it does look good. My husband returned and he handed Scott a drink spilling some, Scott went to the washroom to wash his hands and my husband said to me "Do it, Right now", My heart skipped a beat and I said "Really?", He said "Now, Quick", I got up and said "We're doing this?" and he nodded.
I walked into the washroom and Scott had just finished wiping his hands, I stood in front of him and he looked at me slightly puzzled so I just went for it, I put my hands on his chest and he got a scared look on his face, I said "Don't freak out, It's all good", He looked over my shoulder at my husband and I watched in the mirror as my husband motioned for him to...Proceed, Scott looked down at me and I kissed him, Within seconds he had his hand in my top and I had his pants undone, I fished out his reasonably large...You know what (There isn't really a word I don't find weird), wiener I guess.
Oh my god, I am standing in the bathroom, 39 years old, haven't been with anyone but my husband in 18 years and I have my husbands friends wiener in my hand and he is playing with my b******, I have not been naked or even partially naked in front of another man other than my husband, My doctor and my masseur in 18 years, I was shaking and breathing all choppy as we made out, I pulled Scott's pants down and although he is not as big as my husband I would say he is close, We kissed as I stroked him, He slid his hands to my back side and pulled my skirt up groping at my cheeks, He nibbled my neck and slid his hand between my cheeks and started rubbing my v***** from behind.
I wasn't digging the whole bathroom thing and since I knew he was into it I took him by the hand and as I pulled him out of the bathroom he kicked off his pants and underwear, He looked at my husband who gave him a smile and nod as I left my skirt up and he grabbed my cheeks as I led him to the living room, I sat him down, Took off my top and knelt down, I stroked him as I looked him in the eyes and smiled, He was so hard, I was slightly impressed by how hard it felt but apparently that was not such a good thing. I leaned in and sucked one of his b**** into my mouth as he reached down playing with my b******, I sucked one then the other as I stroked him, I worked my way up the underside of his shaft flicking it with my tongue and then worked my way back down to his b****.
Obviously I spent too much time working him up which honestly was only about a minute because as I sucked his b**** I felt his shaft twitch once, Twice and on the third twitch he shot his load, I squealed unintentionally and stroked faster as I sucked his b****, His shaft twitched three or four times and every time he would shoot a load onto his stomach, After the third load which is actually kind of impressive I stood up and straddled his knees, I looked at him and said "Wow, I guess I am going to have to put in a little work to get that back to where you can give me what I want".
I took his hand placing it on my thigh and he cupped my v***** and slid a finger in me, I was grinding on his hand and really getting into it but he stopped and wiped off his stomach with his t-shirt then laid me on the floor, He went straight to licking me and my husband later told me he watched us and Scott was jerking himself trying to get hard again, He said he could tell Scott was getting frustrated so that was when my husband joined in and told me to get on my hands and knees, Laid a pillow under my head and I put my head and shoulders to the floor, Scott worked his way all around it and then finally started licking my...Whatever, Other hole, Not my thing really but at the time it was working and I thought if it works for Scott then lets go for it.
I rolled onto my back and by this time my husband had taken off my bra and skirt.
Scott was jerking and rubbing his k*** on my c*** but it really wasn't working, I pulled him closer and whispered "Calm down, Take your time, Just play until you are ready" but I could see he was frustrated, I whispered "Slower, Just slow down, You can take your time" and he said "I want to f*** you so bad, I have always wanted to f*** you since high school", I said "You can, Just relax", I got up and put him on his back, I started stroking and sucking him but at that moment I realized he was done, Completely and totally done, Fully limp and not coming back to life, I tried 69, I tried touching myself for him, I tried everything and eventually he just got up and grabbed his clothes, Got dressed as I urged him to stay and apologized then left.
My husband and I were both left frustrated and unfulfilled and even with a session between the two of us we ended up giving up with neither of us getting off, At this time we have no plan to try again and my husband hasn't even really been getting into any role playing, I have been thinking maybe I should step up and be the one to bring a girl home, Maybe that's more our thing but have yet to be able to go through with it, I have a couple single friends, Not too many but there are two I am sure he would be into but I always get too nervous at the thought of even mentioning it to either of them, I have one single work friend that I know he would love to see me with (She's...Top heavy) but that might make things weird at work.
What to do?

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  • Just wait and invite his friend back over. Or let him find another man to fill the hole. Just be patient. You may get the f*** of your life.

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