My mother in law

I have had a crush on my mother in law for years. First time was when she was out side in her garden she had on tight shorts woth no panties and bent over and that was the first of many teases. We both have flirted heavy in the past. I would rub my p**** on her ass as she walked passed me and she would grind her ass on me she passed me. When we are alone or in a different room together she always went out of her way to touch and rub my leg. Thank God I had on pants bc she would arouse me to the point I couldn’t get up. She knew what she was doing. We never kissed but shared long hugs pressed b****** against my chest. she’s a DD 38 I smelled her bras and panties. I have always wanted her. I still want her she has a nice big ass and a solid figure. I’ve seen her p**** hairs through the bathing suit she wears. she has a full bush I still wanna eat it. I have set up dinner dates with her so we are alone and can be together hopefully she stops being prude and goes along with her feelings I wanna smell her and taste her. We are talking about going to Cali alone and sharing a room I need that coochie

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  • Do you guys think I have a shot of getting in her pants once we go to California we live on be east coast. She already said she has no problem sharing a room with me. In front of my wife she said we will get a larger room two beds. Alone she said if you want to have one bed that is fine. This woman is telling me to hit it I think she’s afraid to do it because we are so close to home but a different state and no one will walk in or catch us is perfect I can’t wait. Any advice ?

  • Keep mentioning the California trip every chance you get, telling her where you want to go with her (restaurants, sightseeing, cultural events), and playfully refer to them all as "dates", saying "there are so many things I want to show you and do with you......JUST you", letting the deep and damp impression of romance and intimacy linger in the air between the two of you for as long as possible. Tell her you've reserved the room at the hotel or B&B in California and "there will DEFINITELY be only one bed"; then, a day or two later, tell her again, pretending like you don't remember having told her. Buy several items of lace or see-through bedwear. Don't buy bra-panty sets, because you don't want to put her in a position to have to explain them to your daughter; just go with silky robes and chemises, so you can more plausibly claim ignorance as to their sexiness if your purchase is discovered by your wife. Just make absolutely certain that WHATEVER you buy your lover-to-be is much, MUCH nicer than ANYTHING you've EVER bought her daughter of a similar type: you want the mother to understand that (1) she is more greatly valued than the daughter, and (2) when you think of her, you are thinking of s**. Go to a local s** shop and buy one LARGE tube or bottle of vaginal lube, and another of a*** lube. Be sure those words are on the labels. Be sure they are water-based (ingestible), and be sure not to buy a vaginal/a*** combo lube: get one of each. Place them in the medicine cabinet or bathroom drawer she uses, but don't admit the purchase. She will get your message as soon as she sees these items. Remember: buy large sizes of these. You want her to get your message that she's going to need a lot of help accommodating your desires. Tell her privately that the trip will be two full days longer than originally planned because you have some things planned for the two of you without leaving the hotel/B&B (for some "all-day alone time": she'll know). More later.

  • Next: stop hiding your erections. She already knows you're hungry for her, so it's a waste of effort to disguise any of them. Don't let your wife see them, much less comprehend their cause, except when you can plausibly lie and tell her that SHE is the cause. Also, anytime you f*** your wife FROM NOW ON, be sure to close your eyes and imagine it's her mother you're ravaging. Your wife will know you're giving it to her better than you usually do, but that will help squelch her suspicions. Women have better radar than men when it comes to infidelity, so she is probably already aware of your attraction to her mother, but you can jam her radar by jamming her t***. Just do to your wife what you want to do to her mother, and keep your eyes closed the whole time. Women are clever, but they are also VERY self-centered, and if you f*** her like you are already dreaming of f****** her mom, she will NEVER believe that what you really want is anything other than what she herself is giving you at that moment. And lastly, back to those erections. Every time you have one while your mother-in-law is around, take the chance to rub it against her, press it against her, or swipe her with it. Avoid that in front of her daughter, naturally, but don't let those precious moments go to waste. You don't want her to WONDER if your erection is for her at any given moment: you f****** want her to KNOW. Tell her this story. "Years ago, I dated a married lady older than me, and she always said 'If I make it hard, it's mine'." That's the attitude you want her to have about YOUR erections. Happy hunting, my friend.

  • And one more. If you aren't already doing this, start kissing her. Just a social kiss, nothing intimate. A kiss hello. A kiss goodbye. People do it all the time. If you're not doing it now, your wife will think it's curious, but soon even she will think nothing of it. A kiss on the cheek or the forehead. But over time, begin moving the kiss site closer and closer and closer to her mouth. Brush the side of her lips with yours. Let her see where you're headed......and then take her there. Go for it. Older females value kissing much more than younger ones. And trust me on this point: if you don't get to her mouth soon enough, she'll take charge and kiss YOU on the mouth. If she initiates ANYTHING like that, grab her and slide your tongue down her throat. You're soon going to be getting the best p**** -- and the MOST p**** -- you've ever had. Get to work!

  • We kiss all the time a toast hi goodbye. I’ve tried numerous times to get lip to lip she’s slick bc ONCE half our lips touched while we kissed. She used to do that fake cheek to cheek kiss. Since I smack my lips against her cheek when we kiss. She actually kisses me now. I’m for her to tounge me down. I’ve also started hugging her and putting my hands on the small of her back right above the crack of her ass. Doesn’t move my hands I’m slowly getting lower and lower I wanna be able to fully grab her ass and pull her in. Good idea? Or bad

  • My mil is the opposite from my wife, big, fat and extreme h****. S** with her is an adventure, over and over again.

  • Same for me. After a family gathering one night twelve years ago, and after years of flirting, my m-i-l decided to have a go at one another, for just a few minutes (it was all the time available at the moment before we would be caught), and for just one time, just as a lark. Problem was, soon as she bent over and I stuck her, we BOTH knew -- instantaneously -- that we weren't going to be able to stop it. Ever. And we haven't. Despite SEVERAL quite close calls over the years, we've remained together. It's still in secret, but only because my wife and I still have kids at home. Once the little buggers are out of the house, and out of the way, I will divorce my wife and marry her mother. She'll be nearly 60 by then, but she'll still be the f*** of my life. I cannot wait. CANNOT.

  • Mine is 65 I still can’t help it I want her I don’t blame you

  • Truth be told, I married my wife to be close to her mother, whom I love far more than I love my wife.

  • Are you going to try to bang her ?

  • Working on her, it takes a long time to succed and do it step by step. Until now she reacts as espected.

  • Most men do Im currently trying to be with my mil she would make a gorgeous bride and a fantastic wife

  • Start by making her a wonderful w****!

  • I sniff my mils wet panties every time we visit her,or she's over ours,which sadly is only about 2x a year as she lives in the channel islands

  • Where does she leave them? Sadly I’ve only gotten a chance to smell her bras. Mine has hidden her panties and I’ve tried to find them

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