Inexcusable behavior

This past weekend my boyfriend and I stayed in NYC to celebrate my birthday. We went to clubs with my friends one of those nights and he was mad about something and left me at the bar to go back to the hotel. I was drunk out of my ass and had to worry about getting back to the hotel by myself which got my angry because I’m a drunk girl in the city at night waiting for an Uber that kept canceling the ride. Last year we stayed in the city, a random guy on the street grabbed my ass while I was walking with my boyfriend! So this time I was really mad because he doesn’t care about my safety and wasn’t concerned at all because when I got back to the room he was just sleeping. I decided to just leave it alone and get ready for bed wasn’t gonna even say anything to him. When I got out of the bathroom he was gone. So I was just fed up with him just leaving all the time I packed his bag and left it outside the room. I know I shouldn’t have done that, I was drunk and just being super dramatic. When he comes back he’s on the phone with his friend to come pick him up and that’s just when I lost it. You leave me at the bar and now you’re leaving me in the hotel by myself to go back home? I started hitting him which escalated to beating him up and ripping his clothes. I feel like such a piece of s***. I know no matter how mad I was, I shouldn’t have put my hands on him and there is no excuse for that. He did not deserve that at all and I feel terrible. I wish I could take back what I did. He forgives me and wants to stay together but I keep replaying it in my head and I know he thinks of it when he looks at me. I can’t believe I did that and I honestly feel like I need to seek help. Ever since I started taking my birth control I’m such an angry, nasty person. I’m so depressed about this and idk what to do. I know he deserves so much better. I never wanted to be the type of person to ever put my hands on someone. I know what I did was wrong and I’m sick to my stomach about it. How are we going to get through this. He’s the man I wanna spend the rest of my life with and it hurts me that I hurt him.

Feb 12, 2019

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  • Are you out of your fuckingg mind a guy who left you to be groped by perverts you want to stick with him. The beating that you gave his just 10% of what he did to u. Either you have lost your mind or he is f***** rich

  • Perhaps you should look into diff birth control, the pill isn't for everyone you know. Might help level out your emotions and moods switching to something else. Dealing with a mouthy obnoxious drunk is no fun and I'd walk away to rather than being abused or making a scene. It's not a guy's job to be a handler or babysitter for an "adult" that is acting out.

  • Give him hard

  • Go grab the oppurtunity dumbass troll

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