Good memories.

16 years ago my husband and I participated in our first...Group type thing that went completely sideways, We attended a friends wedding and were only two years into our marriage, We didn't have kids yet but not for a lack of trying, We along with another couple who we were both close to had gone back to our hotel room and things were getting kind of hot and heavy.
It was totally unplanned and I don't think anyone involved would have ever thought it would ever happen but her boyfriend at the time had been teasing us to make out, After me and her had some playful kissing to tease the guys she had said "Tell you what...You guys do it and we'll do it" not really realizing there was a lot that could be done without going beyond what they were comfortable with. Both guys took off their shirts and we did the same, We were young and had seen each other in bathing suits and had even skinny dipped once so b**** were no big deal, They were grabbing each others b**** so we did the same, There was some licking and nipple play which was weird but we followed suit, They got up and stripped each other down to their boxers so we stripped each other down to our thongs, There was some bum slapping and stuff but when they tried touching themselves through their underwear she said "No, No, To each other and then we will".
There was a long silence and for a second I thought they were gonna do it but they both looked at each other and said "Naaahhh", So there we were in our underwear she was really into this and stood up pulling me up with her, She grabbed me and we started doing a seductive dance together while watching them, Her boyfriend stood up and joined us then he said "How about whatever I do to her you do to him?" and stood behind me cupping my b****. My b**** have never been my best asset but they were decent back then, My husband stood behind her and did the same, She always was a bit bigger chested than me and he was obviously not complaining.
I sat her boyfriend down and she sat my husband down so we could take back control and then we both did a little lap dance and there was some bum grabbing and smacking, Which back then was by far my best asset, There was a little b*** groping and then she bent over and pulled my husbands underwear to his ankles, I did the same to her boyfriend and I already knew but my husband was noticeably larger in length but mostly girt than her boyfriend, She looked at it and stood back, I looked at him, He looked at my husband and said "Really?", My husband laughed and just shrugged, She looked at her boyfriend and he shrugged saying "this probably the only chance you will ever have" and then she looked at me, We both had our hands on the guys knees and she grabbed my husband shaft, I grabbed her boyfriends and she said "Geez".
We all laughed and she said "You weren't kidding" and that was when things got a bit crazy, She and I were watching each other and I was following her lead as she leaned in and flicked the tip with her tongue then I did, She licked from the base to the tip on the underside so I did and then she leaned in and swallowed it, I watched and was quite surprised as she went all the way down which I have never to this day been able to accomplish, We were all a bit shocked and she pulled back, Took a deep breath and wiped her lips as we all burst out laughing. Everyone pretty much knew where this was headed and we all got up and jumped into bed, There was some switching back and forth and both guys were trying to position us so we would be doing stuff to each other.
Me and her kept it just enough to keep them happy but not enough to cross any of our boundaries which I found out I have more of than her, My husband got a bit over excited and finished first then she joined me and her husband, At first it was awkward but we found a groove and it didn't take long for my husband to join back in, Her boyfriend pulled out and she did her first time with two as she swallowed for him, I was catching my breath and he was still playing a bit, I was laying back and there was some licking but then I looked down and realized it was her licking, I grabbed her chin and lifted her head saying "Whoa...Uh no" and then he went back to work.
We did some more switching back and forth and I did my first with two while she caught her breath, There were multiple times I had to interrupt her going down on me and after I was completely exhausted and couldn't continue they both worked her over, Her boyfriend finished and joined me in a cuddle session while we watched my husband put on a stamina show which I finally let him finger me and pound her so he would finish, Her boyfriend was holding me up, My husband was pounding her and all 4 of us watched as he fingered me then I had a weird half o***** that caused me to j*** and twitch, After he pulled his fingers out she grabbed his hand said "Come for me" and shoved his fingers in her mouth sucking them while he shoved deep in her and came.
We all got dressed and had a drink not saying too much and then they went to their room, Me and my husband had a nice snuggle after we showered and we passed out. The next day she wanted to do it again and came right out telling me that she did but I declined, I never did take her up on having another foursome but it was fun and a good memory for all of us.

Feb 19, 2019

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