Pictures of my wife

My wife recently let me post a few pictures of her online. I have always told her how amazing her body is and she always felt I exaggerated. I said let’s see what others say and she was hesitant to let me show people I know. We found a site and she picked out 3 topless photos to post. It was such a tremendous rush to see the feedback come in and hear what people would like to do with her - things I can do regularly which has become much more fun. I was even allowed to show more at my discretion as people requested. I absolutely loved doing this. Just curious how many people can identify with this feeling.

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  • Would love to see

  • I’d love to see.

  • May I please see them

  • Send me some and i will give you my ideas.

  • Love sharing mine

  • want to see her, and any other commenters hit me up too!

  • I really identify ...... really like it when guys look at my wife's 36DDD b****............

  • I would love to see pics of your wife!

  • Funny,I just signed up for Voyuer Web, I want to visually share my wife as well. Now just have to get her consent.

  • Same here. Email for swap

  • Not necessarily but certainly not opposed to sharing.

  • Is she hot? Email?


  • Are you offering to share her pics

  • That comment was in response to this - not opposed to it.

  • Absolutely! I love knowing that other men, total strangers, are looking at my wife's beautiful naked body and stroking while imagining f****** her. It's so hot! A couple of guys have sent me videos of them c****** on her photos. I stroke while imagining that c** shooting deep inside her.

  • I'd love to see your naked wife. Please email me

  • I have similar fantasies, would love to hear more..

  • I would love to show pics of my girlfriend. That's such a turn on. Don't know where to post them. Let me know

  • Don’t use my email

  • I wanna do this as well think it's really hot. Have you had anyone tribute her? Hit me up if love to see her pics. Rayalexman

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