I'm an Alien in my All White Town

19 year old black guy from nj. mom is an immagrant from St.Lucia, don't know dads ansestory. I feel like an alien in my all white town. white people just annoy me. black people are more creative, athletic, relaxed, ext. I stick out like a sore thumb and i can't fit in.

people pitty me and act like i'm a victom. mom is a nurse and dad is an accoutant. I got in trouble for having weed but i didn't get f***** over. people act like black people can't be racist at all. black people are more athletic, creative and relaxed so i think black people are better than whites. their snowman skin, bright eyes and hair is gross to me.

People are also super racist here. I was sitting with this kid during some team building thing and i needed to talk to a new kid 1 on 1. i said 'yea white people here are kind of annoying.' He replied "that knife cuts on both sides.'

my cousins live 45 minuets away in a black neighborhood and i like it there better. yes its more run down, but there are more black people there. it's not "the hood." The resteraunts are awsome and there is a cool culture.

One day I want to move to the caribean and start a buisness. I go to St.Lucia with mom sometimes and it's like hevan on earth. Thank you for listening! White people, black people shouldn't be coddled and your all self-richious. Stay safe!!

Jul 1, 2020

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  • >>"that knife cuts on both sides.'
    Your new friend is wiser than you are. Get your head clear, you sound confused.

  • Sweetheart,

    You should be a rock star. Young 19 and hung. I would be all over your c***.

    You should have all the girls lined up from 15 to 75 wanting some of what you have to offer

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