Where are the good guys.

So my ex husband stole my best years from me, Yeah we had 3 kids who I love to the ends of the earth and back, Yeah we had 15 good years...Or so I thought but then he decides to go bang some stupid little s*** who works in his office. Whatever, You want to bang a dumb as f*** little w**** go ahead but I am not hanging around, I kicked him out and now I don't know if I will ever find someone to spend the rest of my life with. 43 years old and trying to date again is sooooo painfully awful, Nothing but guys half your age who just want to bang a "Milf" or frickin losers that someone else already got rid of.
Shortly after getting my official paperwork that I was divorced three friends of mine talked me into going to Vegas, All they wanted was to get me laid since I refused until it was official, I got s*** faced one night and decided to do it and afterward thought "Hmmm, Maybe there is some good ones out there", He was 2 years older than me, Good looking and had...good size. Obviously he was from no where near where I am from so it would have never worked but it got me thinking I should look around, I was sooooo wrong.
I have dated some guys and only went to the bedroom with a few but every time was a disaster, Not to give him any credit at all but my ex set the bar fairly high physically, Good looking, Reasonably fit and packing so naturally it is tough to settle for less than what I had unless I were to fall in love so let me give you the rundown.
Guy #1) Date #3 I am starting to think "Ok, Maybe we should see how this goes", I am already naked, Let him go down on me and I pull his pants down, He has a big dangling fore skin. Gross, I tried to get past it thinking when he was hard maybe, I don't know, Never been with a guy who had one. NOPE, So gross couldn't do it and broke it off then and there know if I couldn't even put it in my mouth without gagging that we were done.
Guy #2) 5 years younger than me, First time together he blew his load in 5 minutes before I was even anywhere close and rolled over, I attempted to get him going again and he basically pushed me away and passed out. Next day I ushered him out the door and never answered his call again.
Guy #3) The whole time he wanted to talk about his ex and how I was so much hotter and how I had so much bigger b**** and before we even finished I stopped him and said "Look, Mention your ex again and you're gonna be calling her to go back", His response "I could call her and invite her over". Yeah that'll get you sent home with a "Don't call me, I'll call you...Never".
So that leads me to my most recent failure, Started dating and things were going good, One year older, Nice looking, Nice personality, Opens the doors for me, Good job, 2 nice kids so I am thinking "Ok, Where is the flaw", Well I found it, Not right away but...We go back to my place, Kids are at my ex's, We get started making out, I suggest the bedroom, He agrees and on the way there is a little bum slap, Ok, I can do playful. We start undressing each other and get his...Package out, Not what I was hoping for but hey if that's the biggest issue I figured I could work around it.
That was not the biggest issue, He started out good, He was happy to get me going first with some oral and then he was quite pleased that I could handle all of him orally, I may have pretended it was more difficult than it was but hey...I was trying. So he starts to get a little carried away with that so I move on to other things, We are doing missionary and he is whispering to me about how big he is and do I like his big d*** yada yada, I play along since he is actually doing pretty well and he is focusing on making sure I am enjoying myself but then he starts talking more and more and pretty soon he says "Do you like it when I make your big t*** bounce", I play along, He asks me to suck my own nipple, I play along, He gets me on my hands and knees and that is going well, He reaches around and does some rubbing...I finish, He doesn't, Ok so I let him keep going until he starts rubbing my butt, I pull his hand away and he keeps trying so I let him, Then he puts his thumb in so I let him and then he says he wants to put his...Yeah in there.
So...I am no stranger to that, Been there, Done that, It is NOT my thing, I was a good wife and gave it up from time to time and hated every minute of it but thinking he is considerably smaller than my ex maybe it wouldn't be terrible so I say "yes", I should of said "If it will shut you up and make you finish", He pulls out, Starts licking and it actually wasn't terrible but then he wants me on my back so I do, He puts it in and I realize that size is not the problem, I just hate it and as soon as he slides it in he turns gangster, He looked at me and and started saying "You like that, You like my big d*** in your ass, I'm gonna f*** your ass and come on your face", I'm thinking "Uh...No...You definitely are not" Then he starts slapping my b****, I'm like what the f*** so I tell him not to do that, He grabs my nipples and is pulling them so I tell him it hurts and he says "you like pain?" so I say "no" he says "you're gonna learn to".
So by this time I am thinking "Ok, Get this done and we need to have a talk", I start pretending to like it so he will finish and he tells me to suck my nipples while he f**** my beautiful a******, WHAT??? who says that?, I do as requested and he shoves a thumb in my v*****, This whole time i am just thinking I want him to do what he has to to get off, He tries folding me up like a frickin gordita with my knees up by my ears and shoves his d*** in deep coming in my butt, I am so grossed out but he puts my legs down, I let him keep stroking as he comes but he doesn't stop and is still hard, I say "Ok, Stop, I am done" and he says "you're done when I say you're done" and slaps me, Not hard but enough to p*** me off, I shove him off and sat up, I told him if he ever raised his hand to me again I would kill him and he says "Hey, I was just playing" so i send him home with his b**** and have no plans to ever contact him again.
Are there any guys out there who and NOT total losers?????????


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  • I am separating with the intent to divorce my wife of 9 years in May. We haven't had s** in nearly five years. I would give you whatever kind of s** you wanted (42 here).

  • You want to know where all the good guys are? Look in your friend zone. You know, the guys you dont think are good enough or cute enough or strong enough or make enough money. The guys who don't drive a fancy sports car or live in a million dollar home. The guys you look at and never want to have ask you out. Those are the good guys you're looking for. But you shouldn't ask any of them out (not that you would anyway) because you're not a good woman.

  • Yea I am embarrassed and ashamed of my own kind. Males are called pigs for a reason

  • Yeah all men are pigs and women are just perfect. Same old BS . Just an fyi a lot of divorced women have a chip on their shoulder and no man will ever be good enough.

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