Something to get out of my chest

I am quiet and introvert girl but this isn't helping me at all. Because i am 24 years old and i want someone to f*** me and i believe nobody would want. I am very guilty. I am not so attractive. Nobody ever fell in love with me. It's like i am invisible. Maybe it's my fault because from my 11-12 years i didn't want anyone to see me sexually. I always want to be modest and asexual. I always cover myself with large and long clothes so nobody could see my b****** or my butt. All of this was because i feel guilty and i didn't want to be or seem sexual at all.

As the years passed everyone had sexual attention even girls who were not so attractive in my opinion and then i start to think maybe i do something wrong. Because not even sexual harassment i had, not even someone tells me something inappropriate on the street. And when i hearing girls to complain about this i get mad at them. I mean really? Someone find you attractive and you complain about it? Did you prefer to be invisible? Nobody send me his p**** in picture , i was the one i asked some boys to send them to me. Luckily they send them to me. And i automatically fantasize i ride them and put them in my mouth. I pressured my sexual desire a lot as a teenager and now it seems like i need s** not just want it.

I thought to pay one man to f*** me or two men or four men. When i watch p*** i wish i was the woman in the video getting f***** by a lot of men and have o******. Would be a good idea if i had s** without knowing who is f****** me neither i see their faces and neither can they see my face. I just want to feel sexual pleasure and lot's of o****** and i don't care who put his p**** in me or how many guys would f*** me. And the idea of c** inside me makes me h****. Ages don't matter to me. I would accept for example a 15 year old boy and a 60 year old man. And because i am passive person i would be receptive someone to do what he wants with my body except to hurt me. But mostly i prefer lots of men with big c**** to f*** me hard back and forth and rip my tight p**** and b*******. And c** in my mouth or to every part of my body.

I am still guilty i feel like a s***. I admire s**** because they have the courage to have s** with anyone they want while i have not. I ending up m********* a lot and i think i will buy a big virbrator or d**** to put it in me to feel something inside me. It's good for a woman to experience and feel inside her many kind of c****. And the white ones and the black ones and all the kinds.

Sorry if my english were not good. English is not my native language.

Feb 22, 2019

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  • Have you got laid yet Op?

  • Are you there hun... sweetie...

    Oops, I just read your confession again. You're 24, which is way too old. I am most sorry to have disturbed you. Please forget I said anything, and I'll leave you to it so I can go post comment after comment about spanking my treasured granddaughters' bare bottoms until they're red. I also love describing in calm, pervy tones how our entire family walks around naked every day. We're very loving that way.

    Or so I love to fantasize, because in reality nobody ever visits my room at the facility.

  • This creep got drove away from here,,one down lots more 2 go

  • Go on line and offer to suck d***. Guys don't mind a plain girl if she is a great c*** sucker. You could become quite popular that way, especially if you do it a lot and practice and become an expert.

  • Mind if I see a pic of you? I would like to see what you look like. And if you can tell me where you are, maybe we can set up a little meet and greet if you catch my drift.😏

  • Send a pic and i will gladly f*** you

  • Where you live?)

  • So listen: if your face and body are average the only way to go is to change your personality. If you are an introvert find a way to communicate with others - emails, messages or something similar. Try to be increasingly naughty but within your limits and somewhat close to your comfort zone, at least at the start of this adventure.
    Don't do anything you will regret later.
    Getting rejected is not that bad - you only need a YES. Start going to different activity clubs and you might find people who might be interested in you or could know somebody in mind that could be your next big thing.
    Little steps - as small as you like. Every day. Test and improve. Find your way.
    I was once just like you and doing the above helped me. XOXO

  • Honestly I feel the exact same way about myself and have similar fantasies so I ended up buying 4 different d***** yesterday different sizes

  • I would love to see you use them and then play with you too! WA_Bi_Guy....

  • Id f*** you. Serious. I dont care if your ugly. As long as you have holes to fill.

  • To be honest i don't think you can f*** me, not because i said i don't want to. But because i believe we are far away from each other. I wouldn't say i am ugly i don't have deformed face or body. I believe i can't turn on men. Thank you, i always believed only someone who would have s** with any girl would agree to have s** with me.

  • I'd like to lick you to o***** and taste all your p**** juices,if you want you could suck me off before we f***,I'll f*** you in any position you want and make sure you o***** loads of times .

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