Hilarious reaction

My wife has a rocking body even after three kids, She is 40 and works out, Keeps herself in good shape and has a pair of bolt ons that are absolutely perfect, Big, Round and rock hard but her ass is her best asset, Round, Firm and shaped perfectly, Her legs are great, She is beautiful but her ass is the part that commands the most attention, I notice 20 year old guys drooling over her at the beach all the time and she wears small but not excessively small bikinis.
I have been begging, No word of a lie, Begging since our first date to do a*** but she has always refused, A week ago she asked what I wanted for my birthday and I told her a***, She refused and I persisted. After my birthday party all the kids were in bed we were headed to the bedroom for our usual birthday celebration but she surprised me by leading me into our ensuite, She closed the door and started the shower then got undressed and stepped in, I joined her and she sat me down standing in front of me.
I lathered her up and washed her body while she groped my c***, I was washing her bum and slid my hand down the crack and gave her bum hole a couple rubs, She twisted her back looking unimpressed but didn't stop me, I scrubbed her back there a little more before she pulled away, She took the soap and made sure to scrub it then she rinsed off with her back to me and I got on my knees behind her, I was kissing and worshiping her ass then ran my tongue down her ass crack, She stuck out her bum and I never gave it a second thought, I spread her cheeks and started licking her, She was reaching back holding my head as I licked her bum and she moved my hand from her hip to her v***** so i rubbed her c*** as i licked her bum.
She didn't let that go for very long before stepping out of the shower, I figured that would be the end of it but as I stepped out she opened the cabinet and handed me a bottle of lube that i didn't even know we still had, She led me to the bed and made sure the door was locked, She laid face down and I went straight to work spreading her cheeks and licking her.
My wife was obviously not impressed as she made unhappy noises but she did lift her hips putting a pillow under her, I knelt behind her and rubbed the tip on her little hole and she said "AHHH, Lube, Lube", I lubed up her bum and slid a finger in it watching her face as she winced, I worked her a bit with my finger before rubbing my k*** on her again, She took a deep breath and let it out clenching the blankets in her fists as I pushed my k*** into her, She took a deep, Choppy breath as the tip slid in and she moaned "Oh f***, Stop, Stop, Stop".
She had her face all scrunched up and had the sheets pulled right off the top of the bed bundled up in her hands, I slowly stroked back and forth just enough to make sure my k*** didn't pop out and she closed her eyes tight as I leaned over her and pushed a little more into her, I am widest at the middle of my shaft and when I got to that point she whimpered "F*** I hate you, F***, F*** F***" and I slowly kept pushing into her until I was b**** deep in her, I was reaching around rubbing her c*** and slowly f****** her ass, The most beautiful ass in the world and I had my c*** in it, She reached down and started fingering and rubbing herself and kept making unimpressed noises and muttering about how much it hurt and how much she hated it.
To tell the truth it wasn't great, She was way too tight, Like to the point that it was almost painful for me but there was no way I was stopping, I kept going nice and slow and after a couple minutes she looked back and looked like she was going to cry, She looked at me and said "Please finish, It hurts", I laid on top of her, Wrapped my arms around her under her arms and interlocked my fingers behind her head holding her head down, She was pulling at my hands saying "What the f***" as i started going a little faster and still b**** deep, she had a towel laid out which was obviously for me to come on but I shoved deep into her ass and she started to cry, She gritted her teeth and said "F*** you, F****** finish" and with that I came deep in her ass.
I held her head down and held my d*** deep in her as I came, She said "No, F*** no GAAAAG, Oh that's f****** gross, GAAAAG, Oh fuuu GAAAG, You f****** mother f***...GAAAAG", I finished coming and stayed on top of her while I went limp and eventually her tight little ass pushed me out of her, She wiped her tears and gagged then said "Go f****** shower" and when she came into the shower she said "Don't f****** touch me, Just scrub that f****** thing", After I got out of the shower she told me to go change the sheets so I did and when she came to bed she was totally unimpressed and embarrassed, I snuggled her and she said "Never f****** again" and then gagged, She said "Why the f*** would you come in me".
I felt bad as I held her and she went from the verge of crying to being angry, She has gotten to the point where I can joke about it and she just says "Hope you enjoyed it because it will never happen again", Oh well, I had fun.

Feb 24, 2019

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  • She needs to buy a strap-on so she can f*** you in the ass on her birthday. Sounds like you don't appreciate your wife what so ever except for building your own ego. Hope her next husband treats her better.

  • F*** you you sick a****** and your s**** ass ugly w**** of a wife.

  • All I'm getting from this is "I'm a d**** lol I'm a d**** lol" ad infinitum. Be proud! (That's called sarcasm, boy.) If her body's as rockin' as you claim, she'll use it to find a decent member of her own species. I wish her good hunting!

  • Idiot. If you know how to f*** her ass correctly. She would enjoy a***. You lost

  • No...tie her on and do it....no mercy

  • Even my wife resist a nal but i am getting crazy for it as i love taking woman from behind

  • Lol rapist

  • Oh wow. Guess you better think twice about approaching that lady part ever again. Sorry it disn't turn out better for you both.

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