Round one

My husband is 42 and I am 40, Both of our kids are grown and our youngest is away at college, We have been experimenting a bit in the bedroom since we are alone now and have considerably more freedom, Not 50 shades or anything but we toyed with the idea of a third person joining us and had done some roleplaying etc. We live in a smaller community and are both active in the community and as such had been apprehensive to step into doing anything for real since we didn't want word to get out which it seems anytime anyone cheats or whatever everyone hears about it.
I had known for some time that a co-worker of mine who I will call Mindy, Was into the "Swing scene" and not at all shy about it, She doesn't announce it but doesn't deny it either and girls at work have said they have run into her in the club or whatever and she has made advances on them, My husband and I were never real big on the club scene and since having kids I don't remember the last time we went "Clubbing", We always told each other every time we heard anything like that at work or really anything like the time one of the receptionists at work took her husband and the nerdiest I.T. guy we have home, Quite a funny story but maybe another time, Or the time two girls from his work got caught on video surveillance in the warehouse after hours on the table in the lunchroom (We have a copy of the video).
Anyway, My husband had mentioned a few times that I should say something to her since she is pretty hot, Young (Early 30's), Crystal blue eyes, Chesty and has purple hair and tattoo's and from what I had heard multiple piercings, I wasn't comfortable just outright saying something to her but told him that if the opportunity presented itself I would be open to it. Well, As it turned out I got invited to a bit of a gathering of some of the girls from work, We went out and had a retirement party for one of the girls from work which was basically just a reason to get drunk. I did end up sitting with Mindy at the table and she was saying "How come we never hang out, You're super fun" and stuff and to tell the truth I was having a blast, Mindy had not been too forward or flirty but we did end up sitting alone a couple times, To be honest I was nervous but also excited at the idea that she might hit on me but she didn't.
I accepted a couple more offers to go out after work just for a drink or two and Mindy was usually there, She did seem a bit more flirty the one evening and made some mention about my legs in my skirt, Mindy approached me at work one afternoon and we were talking, She had mentioned a conference we were both attending, Usually I don't go out when out of town because I don't want to feel like crap at meetings but my husband had urged me to try and get in some alone time with Mindy, We ended up with rooms just down the hall from each other and after a few drinks the first night had walked back to our rooms together, I could feel my hands shaking as I approached my door and was thinking about asking her in but didn't and looking back I don't know if just a Girl/Girl situation is what I would have wanted anyway.
Mindy and I had actually been hanging out more at work and a little after work, Approximately 3 months after our first night out at the club she invited me out and thinking it would be a "Girls night" I accepted, It ended up being me and three of her friends from outside work, There was an obvious connection between some of them and two of them openly touched each other and danced provocatively with each other, We were sitting in a booth and Mindy and I were talking when the other two sat down and were very touchy feely, Mindy noticed I was looking and I think that was when it clicked to her that I may be interested in something.
I was looking over at the two of them and Mindy slid up beside me, I looked at her and she said "Hi", I said "Hi" and she said "You look interested", I giggled and shrugged saying "Well...I mean...I just" and Mindy said "Have you ever?" I said "What?...Been with a girl?" and she said "Yeah", I said "Noooo, I mean, A little kissing in college but never anything else", I decided to play dumb and said "Have...You...Ever?", She bit her lower lip and said "You must have heard stuff", I said "Well yeah but who knows what's true and what isn't", She said "It's all true" and we both laughed. I used that to springboard a conversation, She informed me about some stuff I actually hadn't heard like that our accounts receivable girl and Mindy had gone home together after the Christmas party and had a night together and a few other things I didn't know.
Mindy told me she always thought I was too prim and proper to ever accept an invitation to do something like that and I told her I didn't know if I ever would but that her two friends were undeniably hot and that I wasn't some prude who was against them hooking up if that was their thing, Mindy had put her hand on my leg and said "So...That's not your...Thing?", I shrugged and said "Don't know, Never tried it" and with that she slid her hand up to my inner thigh, I involuntarily gasped and tensed up then we both giggled, Mindy looked at me and shrugged. I was caught between jumping her right there and dragging her home with me or playing hard to get, I put my hand on hers and said "Oh boy, I don't know", Mindy said "It doesn't have to be weird or anything, You decide what you're comfortable with and this (Looking down at our hands) doesn't obligate you to come home with me".
Mindy's other friend had disappeared and I said "Aren't you and Meghan...?", Mindy laughed and said "No...She's probably out in the parking lot in someones back seat right now...She has a...Thing for married guys", I said "I'll have to remember that if I bring my husband around her", We all laughed and she said "Don't worry, She wouldn't with someone's husband she knows...Unless invited".
We talked a bit more and she was revealing a lot about herself and her preferences and so on, All the while she kept her hand on my thigh, I was VERY aware that she was lightly massaging my inner thigh, I had both hands on the table and suddenly felt her brush her finger tip across my lips through my panties. I immediately tensed up and sat up straight balling up my fists on the table and taking a deep breath, I clenched my thighs on her hand and looked at her, She looked at me and leaned in, I pulled back and looked around, Mindy said "Trust me...No one is looking", I said "Someone is always looking" and Mindy said "Come to my place for a drink?" brushing her fingers across my lips again.
I thought long and hard about what my husband would say, Whether he would be ok with that or not and finally looked at Mindy saying "I can't...I'm married", Mindy said "I'm ok with that, I don't mind sharing", I was not doing well controlling myself, Grinding and moving around in my seat as she kept touching me through my panties but not aggressive, Just light brushes. I finally couldn't stop myself and said "Come to my place", She thought for a second and said "Is your husband home?", I nodded and she smiled saying "You ok with that?" and I nodded, We tried to look nonchalant as we waited for a taxi and in the cab we did a lot of whispering, Mindy told me she was ok with whatever I was ok with and assured me that there was no expectations or obligations and that if at any point I had to stop she would not be upset.
We got home and entered through the garage, As soon as we were in the garage she kissed me and stopped to make sure I wanted to continue, I thought about it for a split second and dragged her into the house, My husband was awake in bed as I knew he would be and we had already planned to just walk right in, I walked in and Mindy followed me, My husband heard our heels which we planned on keeping on as we crossed the hardwood. The sight of Mindy and I in the bedroom doorway rendered him literally speechless.
We had an amazing marathon session and in the end my husband was left exhausted, He tried his best and did better than I personally expected and Mindy was quite vocal about how pleased she was, I would have been ok with Mindy staying the night but after her and I showered together with the door open so my husband could watch she told me that she wanted us to have a chance to talk and DID WE!!!!, Mindy was barely out the door to her taxi before I crawled on top of my husband and said "Well?", He was apprehensive and shrugged saying "Ummm...", I looked down as he started to get hard and said "F*** yeah...Totally", We talked and made out and I was totally wanting him to get up again but he was drained of all possibility though he was happy to indulge me.
I absolutely loved every second from kissing Mindy to having her ravage me in front of my husband, Watching her with her hands on him, Kissing her with his c*** in between our lips, guiding his c*** into her as I sat on his face, Watching her suck him and having her hands and lips all over me while he pounded me, We all explored every inch of each other and Mindy was perfect, Mindy looks even better with her clothes off than she does with them on and maintained the perfect amount of attention on me as on him so as to keep me the main focus but not leaving him feeling left out. Watching Mindy on her back as I guided my husband into her and he made her big b**** bounce is the image that keeps coming back to my mind and I can barely keep my hands off myself as I picture it now, Never would I have thought that the sight of my husband with another woman would be my favorite part but I think it is.
So far we don't have any plans of a next time but I am definitely on board.


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  • Great story. Jealous

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