Wife's neice

I happened across my wife's niece getting nailed the other night, We were staying at her sisters place for the weekend and getting shit faced the one night, Their daughter was sleeping in the basement, Her boyfriend was over and no one had really noticed that they had disappeared assuming they were downstairs playing video games or watching a movie or whatever.
Being the only smoker in the group I went out back for a smoke and noticed her bedroom light on, I strolled over and looked down at the window, My wife's niece was on her bed, Laying on her back, Legs spread with her boyfriend licking her pussy with his back to the window, She had her sweat pants still on bunched up around her ankles and her feet on the floor, She had her shirt pulled up with her little tits out. They were obviously rushing and he stood up, she sat up and grabbed his dick sucking it for a second then laid back and he shoved it in her, He pounded her for a minute then pulled out and jumped on her face, He shoved it in her mouth and she laid there with her legs spread, Feet still on the floor bucking her hips as he came in her mouth.
When he got off her she shoved a finger in her little pussy and hammered herself while he watched then she bucked her hips and tensed up coming, They quickly got dressed and left the bedroom and it was all over before I finished my cigarette.

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