What did he think would happen.

Somewhere along the way my husband has lost any and all interest in anything sexual, Completely and totally. We have been married 19 years and used to enjoy a very healthy s** life but in the last 2-3 years I could probably count on one hand the number of times he has gotten me off, I have to beg, No word of a lie BEG to have s**, I lay in bed naked when he comes in and I get no reaction and if I can get him to have s** he blows his load way early and pretty much rolls over and ignores me, I have gone so far as to finish myself off in bed beside him and he will lay there facing the wall.
I still look good, there is no doubt in my mind I look good, i work hard to keep myself in shape and looking good but he never even comments on my hair, My nails, My body....Nothing.
So, I went out with friends the other night and a guy started flirting with me, My friends told me to go dance with him and he had his hands all over me, I am in my mid 40's and he was barely old enough to be in the bar but I knew there was no way I could do anything and have anyone find out, Second time he asked me to dance I decided f*** it, I told him he could take me home but no one could know, He said I'll leave now and wait outside for you. He told me the color and make of his truck and after a few minutes I said i was going home and didn't feel well, One of my friends tried to leave with me but everyone convinced her to stay.
I went outside and jumped in his truck, I groped him all the way to his place which thankfully wasn't too far and when we got inside he ROCKED my world, He pounded me harder than i have been pounded in years and had a great body, Not super muscly but ripped and pretty decently hung which I don't think I would have cared about but it was a bonus for sure, After he made me O the second time I turned the tables and after an hour he had finished in me twice and in my mouth once, I came one last time as I stood in his apartment kitchen with one foot on a chair leaning back on the counter and he knelt under me.
I have never, Never had a night like that and when he stood up he had to wipe his face, I would have definitely done him again but he was not able although he gave me his number and told me I was welcome any time to call him and he would be sure to keep it secret.
I foresee a lot of visits in the future.


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  • Lucky you. you found someone to rock your boat. So now what, do you keep him on the side or look for fresh meat ? I suspect you will do both.

  • Give an update

  • In situations like this is it bad for a person to step out on their marriage? I don't think so. Husband wasn't putting out.

    I feel though, that perhaps he has been stepping out before you gave it a go.

    I think you should be blunt as ask what's going on. Is he not attracted or what?

  • Your husband might like to know these details. I know it would turn me on if my wife told me.

  • I hear ya when spouses won't take care of business at home we have to do something or lose our minds.

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