Local Teen Struggles To Forget (and grow up)

I keep all the lights off in my house, I lock all the doors and keep my pets in the house when I'm home alone because HE might show up again and HE might try to get in again and HE might break the glass and open the door again and I see him when I sleep and I see him in the nice cashier at Walmart and I can't let it go and my mom is tired of coming home from work with her gun loaded and ready to shoot. And I hear HIM Everytime a door opens and when I'm asleep he's beating me so badly I can't breath again and I think I see jesus turn his head (I don't even believe in God and haven't since I was 7)

He haunts everyday of my life. It has been 10 months. I have a voicemail of him telling me he was almost there and the Day Of I didn't check it and I didn't lock the door and I didn't have the lights off and he knew I was there. I dream of him sensing my body heat through walls. And I lie at therapy when they ask me if I'm recovering. and I thought I was going to die alone on my.kitchen floor clawing at his face

I didn't tell any of my friends and my mom didn't tell the family. It's a secret we both keep

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  • So when are going to give yourself to him? Sounds like you need some c***.

  • Your dead ancestors are disappointed in you

  • Say what?

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