Advice for men that can’t attract women, or guys who feel unattra

Love can be complicated and can be a real b**** sometimes. I’ve been there before, watching guys hug and kiss their girlfriends and it just is annoying cause I can’t attract anyone, But I found a solution! If you can’t attract p**** then just go to a club at night and s***** a girl from around the corner and force f*** her, even if she says no, it workers like a charm, fold her legs with your arms on the inner thigh so she can’t escape and make sure her arms aren’t bent because if it’s sticking straight out, you won’t be able to go down on her unless she gives up



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  • Spoken like someone who's gonna be found in a filthy alley looking like old hamburger meat. Stay in your basement, boy. For your own protection.

  • Spoken like a real rapist

  • Spoken like a real loser

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