Want to have her

I have a female friend, A for years. My wife knows and thinks we're just friends which so far we are. I e- mail A everyday. We get together for a drink or dinner when my wife is out of town. We kiss on the lips which is new. I love to feel her b****** against my chest. I initiate the e-mails, but if I don't she wonders where I am. I love my wife, but this emotional relationship is exciting. I call a phone s** line and ask them to be A and tell me all the things she wants to do to me and me to her. The next time we get-together I'd like to hold her in my arms and give her a passionate kiss. If she was willing to have an affair I know I would love to make slow passionate love to her and do all the things my wife won't do. I'd kiss her until our mouths were sore, eat and finger her p**** until she came repeatedly. I'd love for her to suck me off while we were driving somewhere and put my cick in her p**** and her ass. She's a fine catholic person and keeps me sort of at arms length. I flirt with her but nothing comes back. Maybe I am a fool. I'd hate to look rediculous, but maybe I am

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