I took a job and now it's become a love affair

Not everyone's gig, but the money made me take it. I am the personal assistant to a socialite woman, who happens to be three years older than me. At first I slept in the quarters reserved for the staff, a very nice room with a bath and the staff quarters are ample and well furnished with a common area. It is refuge from working all day. But then out of the blue she moved me into the bedroom beside her. This bedroom has a door between her bedroom and mine, she told me that her grandfather had his secretary live in that room and I'm her secretary so it's all like it's supposed to be.

It started the first night. Come comb her hair. Sit on the bed behind her with a brush, hold her with my legs around her hips, gently combing her hair. The whole thing reeked of s**, having to keep my legs tight around her hips. She leaned back into my arms and pulled my arms around her. To hold her and rock her. None of that is in my work description. When I challenged her she said not to get on her case, it wasn't her fault she was in love with me. That night I did not sleep in my bed. And that night I had to breakdown and kiss with her and get touchy feely until we got overheated and we had outright s**.

I told her the next morning that I couldn't have that kind of a relationship. That if she truly loved me then we should date, get to know each other on that plane, and if it was meant to be let it be. But I couldn't be her secretary in the room beside her for when she wanted to get hot and heavy. I'm still here, in the next room, and she comes to my bed where she sleeps and wakes up. I'm worried that she has just never been loved properly and she wants to be held all the time, to hold her head between my b****** and kiss her gently.

Now I'm fighting feelings for her, I made the mistake of whispering that I loved her. I just don't want to get hurt, tossed out over some pretty girl at the country club.

Apr 4

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  • Is there any vacancy for a job in her office?

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