Stop asking

I may be separated but I'm not looking to jump into a relationship/fwb/ons. Please move along cause this woman is happily dating herself. :-)

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  • Wow, what a shocking 'confession' in this day and age, where people are even MORE 'me me me' than they were in the 80s. And now we have the internet, so these self-centered emotional infants can "brag" to the world about how pathetic they are.

    Oh well, it could be worse. You could be breeding. :)

  • Why don't you tell this to the people that actually *are* asking as opposed to some random forum online?

  • As in self love? Tell me more!! Do you cream Into your panties? How often do you play solo,or do you use a vibe. What panties do you wear and what state are they in after a day at work? I bet I would enjoy the smell,I'd love to get high of your scent.

  • I bet she creams like a boss! I too would have a snuffle on her wet panties!

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