I spoil my step-daughter rotten

My girlfriend's daughter is like an angel. This beautiful girl is like a blonde kitten, super snuggley. Always wanting to cuddle up on the couch when we watch movies, sneaking into our bed if theres a storm. Those eyes tho. She tugs on my heart strings. Technically 13, going on 21, still acts 7. Her mom says no, she comes to me, I cave. I cant help it. My relationship with her mother has seen its better days due to her bipolar. I admit, Im a weak sucker and on the weekends if her mom being a b****, I take her out for ice-cream, then usually to the park around the corner. She seems so happy when we are together without her mother. And as much as I love trolls, nothing inappropriate is going to become of this story. But like, I will spend money on her, buying her clothing, even tho we are all barely getting by. I realize she subconsciously counts on me as a male role model and I want her to see how a genuine man should treat her. The fuckboys her age, and often older, seem to be relentness in backing down. Her real dad is a major loser deadbeat junky. I find myself staying up late correcting her homework for her, finishing her projects. If her mom asks her to do something, I allways make sure its completed, lest we endure another fight. I love her like she is a god-sent angel and I don't want things to ever change. Tho Im sure they will. Sigh....


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  • She trusts you so i would f*** her little p**** so hard that she couldn't walk for a week. i would f*** her every day a few times a day and i would get her pregnant

  • She trusts you so i would f*** her p**** so hard that it hurts and she couldn't walk for a week. s*** i would f*** her little p**** every f****** day a few times a day and get her pregnant

  • That's actually really sweet of you

  • Damn that would be good p****

  • Lm a mom off three and that is so sweet off you..

  • I'm a troll,but even I know that you're an honest guy, you're just a good bloke,hopefully she'll grow into a fine woman and it'll be thanks to your kindness. Hope things work out with the mum👍

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