I did not just wake up one morning and decide to take a lover my husband Larry is a very good lover and even after 8 years of marriage we still have a healthy relationship.
We have two daughters Anna the oldest and Cindy our youngest and that is how this came about.
Larry once worked with David and they became friends but both went separate ways after they married I first met him when our oldest daughter decided she wanted to learn the piano so we arranged for her to tale lessons and that is where I first became acquainted with David and his family.
We were standing in line waiting for our turn to fill out the contract when I heard this loud voice call out LARRY my god I haven't seen you in ages and this huge black man was charging us and I grabbed my daughter protectively but he grabbed Larry and they were laughing and slapping each other on the back.
Anna and I stood there watching in horror until Larry introduced him and he took my hand warmly and introduced us to his family a pretty Asian girl Maya and his two daughters Tavin and Seanna There oldest daughter was the same age as Anna and she was also taking piano lessons.
After the reunion we all became the best of friends visiting each other at their house or ours and as mixed couples do I found David to be a fun person that could make us all laugh and he was not really black but mostly a mild chockalott color and I was amazed at his almost hairless body ( Larry is a very hairy person )
Well for over a year now we were very close hugging each other when we met and parted then one day out of the blue I had just delivered our daughters to school and came back into the house when I heard the doorbell so I answered and David was standing there with an odd look on his face.
I opened the door and said come in what on earth are you doing here and he was shifting from one foot to the other nervously and said I called in sick.
I asked are you ok I mean is something wrong and he stood there looking at me with a tortured half smile then he stepped up to me and leaned down and I thought he must want to whisper but he kissed me right on the lips.
I was in shock both my arms hanging by my side then his tongue began to part my lips and I went crazy opening my mouth and sucking his tongue like I would a c*** and he was tearing at my clothes as I fumbled with his trousers.
David is a good foot taller than I am and he had my blouse and bra up around my neck now and he lifted me up and I wrapped my legs around his waist as we Kisses then I broke the kiss and leaned back and David sucked on me b******. I was on fire now grunting like an animal his pants were down around his ankles and he kicked them off and began carrying me into our bedroom
I could feel his hard c*** against my ass as he walked we had not said a word as he tossed me onto the bed and pulled my skirt and panty's off and I got a good look at his c*** as it swung from side to side as he climbed up onto the bed above me.
He straddled my body on his knees and he moved toward me his beautiful c*** swinging from side to side as though looking for something then David stopped his b**** resting just below my b****** and his magnificent c*** between my b****** with a bubble of clear fluid leaking out of it my mind was on fire never once did the thought of my husband or daughters cross my mind and I felt more alive than I had ever felt before as I took my b****** in my hand and pushed them around his shaft fascinated by his c*** head and I licked the precum off of his lips and David looked demented his face locked in l***.
I sucked him into my mouth as he made a strangled sound in his throat and he thrust his hips forward and his c*** head went to the back of my mouth and I gagged and he pulled his c*** out of me .
I said the first words I want you in me and David moved back down my body so I could open my legs for him
David opened my p**** with his thumbs breathing harshly then he stuck his finger into me and my body jerked in response and Dave realized that I was ready for him so he lifted my legs over his and scooted up the bed until his c*** head touched my very moist v***** and he whimpered as he ran his c*** head up and down my entrance getting his c*** head slimy with my fluids then I felt his c*** head at my entrance and I craned upwards wanting to see him go inside of me.
There was some pain because his c*** head was so big but it was overshadowed by me desire to feel him inside of me and I thrust upward taking his c*** head and my body convulsed when his c*** head slipped out of site in me and I marveled at the sit of his c*** shaft now we were joined together and I gingerly at first began to move stretching my s** around his shaft then David began to thrust into me slowly but as his c*** opened my up his strokes became frantic and I came crying out and clinging to him but he was mindlessly thrusting into me now grunting and growling then I was cummings again my body jerking uncontrollably as my o***** washed over me I couldn't stop C****** and I thought I was going to pass out and maybe I did for a couple seconds but David had his whole c*** in me now thrusting frantically as I clung to him then David grunted thrusting into me and I could feel his c*** pulse as his sperm squirted into me and I felt his hot sperm flood my inner body David laid on top of me gasping for breath and his c*** began to go soft but we laid there until we could breath evenly then I asked well what brought that on and he chuckled and said you just don't know how long I have wanted to do that and he asked can I get hard in you and f*** you again and I laughed and said sounds like a plan buster and we began to talk about this new found attraction and we agreed that we did not want to get to serious but it would be fun to do it again then we planned on how to go about it,
David has over 40 days of sick leave built up so once or twice a month we can get together without our spouses knowing about it and it could last a long ime since he gets 8 days a year of sick leave then he was hard again so we liesurly f***** again talking like good friends should and we spent most of the day together examining each others private parts.
Do I feel guilty ?? Well maybe a little but when I do I think of something tht Larry had done to p*** me off and I feel justified.
The first couple times I went shopping with Maya I felt a little strange to but now it just doesn't bother me at all after all if she isent using it is just going to waste.


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  • Congratulations. Very sexy story

  • Enjoy yourself, have fun and make sure you're on birth control, the pill or IUD, but not a condom...Never!
    Nothing feels better than skin on skin and having his Big Black C*ck c** inside you!
    Don't feel guilty and don't tell your spouses ever, but never stop making hot passionate l*ve. Just think of how naughty it feels to know your husband has no idea, your p*ssy is still full of another man's c*m

  • Yes I am on birth control and David and I have decided to take no chances he will come by once a month so we can get together but we agreed that this first month we will make it once a week just so the new can wear off he will be here again Monday and we can spend the day together I cant wait.

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