Accidental exposure

I traveled to Mexico recently for a family/Friend wedding, So cliche to do it in Mexico but whatever I got a trip out of it, My cousin married a mutual friend of mine and my husbands and so that brought together most of my family and pretty much all of our friends.
I am 40, Married and have 3 kids but try my best to stay in shape and we had been on the beach all day in our bikinis and made many trips to the beach bar so I was, Needless to say...Tipsy, I had changed into a short little dress and was lounging on our beachfront patio, Probably 20 or more people had wandered past, Stopped at the edge of our patio to talk and looking back I had received more than one awkward look and now that I think of it at least one of my friends had tried to motion to me that I had been...Showing something.
Finally it was my mom who came along, Walked up and stopped, Looked at me, Looked around and whispered "You're not wearing underwear", I had been lounging, Reading a book and I don't know how long I had sat in that one position but when I did a quick self evaluation...My v***** was fully exposed. There was at least 4 of my friends husbands, Multiple of my husbands friends and I have no idea how many family members who have now seen my v***** up close and personal.

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  • Would you please send me some pictures so I can enjoy seeing you too

  • Did you get just a little turned on thinking of all these people seeing you like this? When we were younger my wife loved exposing herself.

  • I whipped my d*** out in front of your mom. B**** dropped to her knees faster than I could blink and started sucking me dry.

  • Ha! That was the funniest thing I heard all day.. good one? Was it a landing strip ?

  • That happened to me one time on the beach. I was laying out and had evidently moved to where my bikini bottoms slid to the side exposing my v*****. I had started to notice more and more guys walked by me, but didn't really pay too much attention. My girlfriend got up to go get a drink and when she returned I hear her say "omg" really loud. Then she told me I was exposed. I was so imbaresed because I had been laying eith my legs open trying to sun my inner legs. Every guy who walked by got a perfect view of my open v*****.

  • Mmmmm you dirty šŸ˜ˆ

  • Can i lick your crotch that will feel good sweetie

  • Yes

  • And how did that make you feel knowing they all seen how pretty it is??

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