Could it get any worse

Not like I have never been walked in on before, I am young and have a high s** drive so I have been caught before, Walked in on by myself once, and once with my last boyfriend and once with my best friend in highschool but not like this. My boyfriend likes to get a little dirty and I am all good with that but the one thing he always tries to do which I am against is to finish on my face, I don't like it and don't allow it but he still tries and this time he did.
We were getting it on in the living room and had moved to the floor, He pulled out and leaned forward shooting all the way up my chest and got it in my face and hair. I was super angry, Livid, I told him to go get me a towel and he did, I was laying on the floor, Legs spread and covered in sperm, On the verge of crying or freaking out and not sure which way it was gonna go when all of a sudden I heard my room mate scream.
I had sperm all over my face and had been waiting for a towel and had not heard them come walking in, My room mate, her boyfriend and his friend all walked in on me butt naked on the floor, Covered in sperm and had my legs spread so they seen everything, My vag, My b**** and me covered in sperm. I panicked and clamped my thighs together but they had already seen everything and she told me she was the last to walk in so both guys seen me, I opened my eyes (Big mistake), Jumped up and ran to the bathroom, My boyfriend had been cleaning himself first (Real gentleman) but I passed him in the hallway and basically shoved him out of the way.
I jumped in the shower crying, Half from the embarrassment and half from having sperm in my left eye, I am so embarrassed and so angry at him, I don't know what to do.

Mar 6, 2019

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  • I got caught with my ex once, she was quite into naughty stuff, she had me on my back, my legs as far back to my head as possible, tied with rope behind my head, she gave me a b****** while using a vibrator in my ass on my prostate. Just as I'm getting close to c******, her door opens, she freaks out and jumps away because she's naked and in walks her flat mate and her friends to find me naked, gagged, feet by my head, vibrator in ass and a throbbing d*** start to shoot its load. And I mean shoot, c** on my fave, chest, the carpet. Open mouthed in disgust they walked out. My ex was in the closet, she came out, found it so hot she took pics and did it to me every day for a week. I got my own back, her my can't me doing her in the ass, then saw me pull out and my c** leak out of her a******.

  • You'll always be remembered for that!!😅
    They will never forget,and you will forever be judged as a good time girl lmao

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