Accidental Social Experiment

So somehow I got a cut across my wrist. For anyone concerned, I didn't do it, I'm not sure not it happened. But the thing is, it looks like a self harm cut. So when I noticed it a few days ago before heading to school I worried one of my friends would think I cut myself, which would be sweet of them, but I didn't want to cause any extra anxiety. When I got to school I brought it up and explained it to one person. Then I got the idea to kind of test how people would react to it, because why not? No one. Literally, *no one* said anything. I knew that they saw it because I saw them staring. The kid I told wasn't friends with any out them, so I know he hadn't told them. But no one at all confronted me about it. It doesn't matter that much to me, saved me from answering a ton of questions. But if no one even bothered to ask when someone was flashing a cut around, what would happen if someone were to try to hide it?

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  • So, you like to use "so" a lot. Like in your blue vibrator story or your moms boyfriend story.

  • New to the convo here,but where's the blue vibrator story? Sounds interesting!!

  • Also, I just went back and counted, the author only used so three times, making your analysts even weaker. And please don't misunderstand, I'm not saying your wrong, I really don't know, but your evidence isn't strong.

  • I don't know if you pride yourself in recognising writing styles, but that's not how you do it. Over using a word is very common, so especially, -you unnecessarily used it yourself- and it would be smarter to check for misspellings, speech patterns, expressions that they hug, and how they format their writing. I mean, I don't no which stories you are talking about, but if your only back up is using so too much, you need better evidence. Besides, both the stories you listed sound sexual, this one obviously isn't, and most people don't just flip genres like that. Sorry if I come off strong, but writing patterns was a faze I went through, I guess I still remember a lot.

  • What

  • Generally speaking, people are too busy and self-centered to give a rat's about anybody else. Also, while there are plenty of people doing everything they can to squeeze a little attention out of others, there are plenty of others who are all "Omg, mind your own business!"

    I spent several years of adolescence showing up at school bruised up from my abusive parents, and nobody said a thing either. That's one reason I have no sympathy for cutters who claim they're not doing it for the attention (but we all know the truth). So trust me honey, a little cutsy-wutsy on your wrist is nothing!

  • Trust ME honey, a little 'cutsy-wutsy' on her or someone else's wrist IS something. I get that your bitter, and no I don't understand. I don't understand how someone who went through something like you described could have so little empathy. Could care so little that they just contribute to someone's pain. And generally speaking, most cutters hide. They don't WANT anyone else to know they cut. They want someone to help. I take it you understand wanting help but being too afraid to say anything? I'm just assuming, please correct me if I'm wrong. People who seek attention are GENERALLY, and going beyond one's own inference, trying to ask for help. People who say "Omg, mind your own business!" GENERALLY don't want to bother others with their problems. So perhaps, if you want to say that a little 'cutsy-wutsy' on HER wrist is nothing, you're probably right. I'm taking her word for it that she didn't do it because that's all the information I have. But you know what? A cut on someone else's wrist could be something.

    And if we're going to go after other people, tell me this.
    Did you ever tell anyone about your parents? Isn't paying no mind to bruises that could come from anywhere more excusable? Especially if the person, who had no reason not to, never said anything themselves.
    But cuts? How often does someone accidentally cut their wrist. And it just happens to look deliberate. How many times? Enough so that it cancels out the number of people who cut because they honestly don't want to be alive anymore? Please.

    Am I butt hurt? H*** yeah I am.
    But you know what? Your comment is really f***** up, so I guess I have a get out of jail free card.

  • People use butthurt as an excuse to double down on being ugly little jerks. Thank you for demonstrating this, you self-centered piglet


  • Congradulations.......?

  • ^lame beyond all reason^

  • Ah, the seething textwall-making "roar" of a teenage girl not getting the kind of attention she thinks she deserves. Classic response right here. Bullshit you're not OP like you claimed below. And I'm not the guy you howled at while pretending to be a different girl. Yeah, *I'm* a different guy entirely!! See how stupid you sound, little girl?

    Talk about complete lack of empathy and "going after other people." Are you even hearing yourself, seeing as how you're so practiced at sounding off? As you so carefully phrased it, an accidental cut can happen that looks deliberate but isn't. There's less of a chance a busted up face happening "accidentally," especially if it happens repeatedly. Unless you play sports, but that's another story. So-called authorities who are supposed to be on the lookout for this kind of thing (and friends) can and do look the other way in some cases. I learned that and now you have too, so get over your triggered princess self. That's the takeaway from your "accidental social experiment," so sorry the findings make you sad. Boo hoo. Get counseling, it worked for me. In your case I would also recommend an anti-psychotic or three.

    You have fun bashing out another round of butthurt harpy screeches. I'm going to a birthday barbecue in a while. Because I have friends who actually care about me, and... never mind, you wouldn't understand!

  • I sense.... A white dude..... Who thinks that...... He knows everything and..... Is always justified.....

  • Lol... I sense... deflection...

  • Really? Me too! In that last paragraph! "You have fun bashing out another round of butthurt harpy screeches. I'm going to a birthday barbecue in a while. Because I have friends who actually care about me, and... never mind, you wouldn't understand!"

  • Nice retarded comeback, b.itch

  • Nah

  • Not just a white dude,a fedora wearing neckbeard dude!!

  • Yesssssss

  • OP b.itch is so triggererd LMAO

  • Are you stupid? I'm pretty sure I made clear that I wasn't the OP when I referred to her in third person, or are you to dense to pick up on that? And f*** yeah I'm triggered. Why shouldn't I be?

  • Boo hoo hoooooo, you're triggered. Well other people are triggered by you being triggered, so let's just all be triggered a******* to each other forever. Oh wait, we're doing that already. Thanks for being part of the problem!

  • Anyone else picture that lesbian "triggered " meme lady when hearing miss self harm above bleat on about her oh so important cutting haha

  • Lmao. Anyone ever wish there was a dislike button on this site. I agree with the triggered person above, through I do agree she freaked out.

  • Is OP still triggered all these months later? I think yes. Psychosis works that way. LOL

  • This will hurt but scrape your arm in another spot. Scrape above your elbow like you fell. Then scrape the top of your wrist or hand.
    Scraped on chain link fence that was sharp.

  • Why the heck would she do that?

  • Look athletic and not looking for attention with lame cutting. Good outdoor trek wounds. It's shame she doesn't deserve.

  • I don't think she wants to cut/hurt herself. I mean, she said it was an accident....

  • OP b.itch says it was an accident but obvs needs lots of attn come on OP b.itch come at me now

  • You also seen to need a lot of attention

  • And YOU need a dictionary, OP. Oops, you didn't get the last word. womp womp

  • Cutters are PATHETIC.
    We're all sick of your self pity s***. Its not kitch or out there,it's just pathetic.
    Not even a cry for help. If you want to mill yourself just do it properly instead of little look at me cuts.

  • I understand that you feel that way about cutter, but 1: This girl didn't even cut herself in the first place so there is no reason for you to curse at her. 2: I'm pretty sure you wouldn't be saying this if you depressed, suicidal, ect.

  • How do you know its a girl? Boys cut too.
    And I wasn't cursing the poster of this post, I was cruising Cutters.
    And yep,if I was depressed and suicidal I'd man up and do it properly on the first go,not pi$$ about Making cuts on my arms for all to see

  • ITA with you, but you should've made it clear the first time that you were calling out attention-seeking cutters and not OP.

  • Ok,can see how it probably looked,but yeah,no issues with op,just cutters in general

  • OP b.itch IS attn seeking cutter with a chip on her shoudler

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