Accidental Social Experiment

So somehow I got a cut across my wrist. For anyone concerned, I didn't do it, I'm not sure not it happened. But the thing is, it looks like a self harm cut. So when I noticed it a few days ago before heading to school I worried one of my friends would think I cut myself, which would be sweet of them, but I didn't want to cause any extra anxiety. When I got to school I brought it up and explained it to one person. Then I got the idea to kind of test how people would react to it, because why not? No one. Literally, *no one* said anything. I knew that they saw it because I saw them staring. The kid I told wasn't friends with any out them, so I know he hadn't told them. But no one at all confronted me about it. It doesn't matter that much to me, saved me from answering a ton of questions. But if no one even bothered to ask when someone was flashing a cut around, what would happen if someone were to try to hide it?

Mar 7, 2019

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  • So, you like to use "so" a lot. Like in your blue vibrator story or your moms boyfriend story.

  • Generally speaking, people are too busy and self-centered to give a rat's about anybody else. Also, while there are plenty of people doing everything they can to squeeze a little attention out of others, there are plenty of others who are all "Omg, mind your own business!"

    I spent several years of adolescence showing up at school bruised up from my abusive parents, and nobody said a thing either. That's one reason I have no sympathy for cutters who claim they're not doing it for the attention (but we all know the truth). So trust me honey, a little cutsy-wutsy on your wrist is nothing!

  • This will hurt but scrape your arm in another spot. Scrape above your elbow like you fell. Then scrape the top of your wrist or hand.
    Scraped on chain link fence that was sharp.

  • Cutters are PATHETIC.
    We're all sick of your self pity s***. Its not kitch or out there,it's just pathetic.
    Not even a cry for help. If you want to mill yourself just do it properly instead of little look at me cuts.

  • I understand that you feel that way about cutter, but 1: This girl didn't even cut herself in the first place so there is no reason for you to curse at her. 2: I'm pretty sure you wouldn't be saying this if you depressed, suicidal, ect.

  • How do you know its a girl? Boys cut too.
    And I wasn't cursing the poster of this post, I was cruising Cutters.
    And yep,if I was depressed and suicidal I'd man up and do it properly on the first go,not pi$$ about Making cuts on my arms for all to see

  • ITA with you, but you should've made it clear the first time that you were calling out attention-seeking cutters and not OP.

  • Ok,can see how it probably looked,but yeah,no issues with op,just cutters in general

  • OP b.itch IS attn seeking cutter with a chip on her shoudler

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