Why doesn't my sister just get it together?? You're older than me and yet I'm still helping you and you are still not listening. You get yourself into all kinds of crap and then call me to help clean it up and I am tired. Stop the complaining and stop adding problems to your life and mine. It's not fair that I have to bail you out and give you my shoulder when you can't do the same for me. Can't you see that every negative thong in your life is YOUR fault!!!!

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  • Well, one surefire way to get her to stop is to let her fall. It may only stop her from using you, and not stop her from whatever she's doing, bu at least you'll know you did what was best for her. You'll have a clear conscience knowing that you tried, because the only way she'll learn to function in life is to be forced to do it herself.

  • I have the same problem with my sister.

  • lol thong.

  • Tough love...compassion does not mean doormat.

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