I Hate Other Christian Denominations

I'm a Roman Catholic and I look down on other Christian faiths. I've railed against Mormons, Lutherans, etc. in public for not being Catholic. I'm thinking about becoming a Priest, and I always flaunt the power of the Roman Catholic Church to other faiths. I feel bad about it, but I feel that way. I'm not sure if I'm going to use the office of the Priesthood to further the interests of the Vatican, or to really do good in the world.

Mar 7, 2011

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  • Of course you do. That is precisely why religion is a force for evil, because it it instills a belief that you are right, and everyone else is wrong and thereby creates division and xenophobia.

  • I'm sure you'll use, or rather abuse the office of priesthood like the many other pedophiles that make up the Catholic church or be complicit in their protection.

  • "I'm a .......and I look down on other......faiths" That's why religion, in any form, is evil.


  • Your feelings is exactly why I am not a catholic. The parishioners that act as if better than everyone else is distrubing. If join priesthood full of dislike of other demonations that a potential convert probably pick up on if not say so as wrote here.

  • Catholicism is not a Christian denomination, it is it's own religion. They worship a man, confess sins to a man, and the way they choose their priests is totally non-biblical.

    The leader of the church should be married and in good standing with the community. I believe this is directly from the Bible itself.

  • To be honest I my self have to agree with you. I to look down on other denominations. I think that they all speak heresy and really need to stop and join the one true church of God. I am also a very devot Roman Catholic.

  • catholics rape babies. and you're looking down on OTHER denominations?

  • Thats the Christian spirit of love!! Being a hypocritical b******. Catholic is mostly pagan, they worship Baal the sun god.

  • Seems as if you should probably kill yourself

  • You don't appear to be aware of the massive contradiction in what you're saying. Catholicism is a denomination Christianity, Christians follow the teachings of Jesus, Jesus HATED it when the religious officials acted like they were superior to anyone else, it went completely against his message. If you think you're superior to another denomination, you can't call yourself a Catholic: you're not following Christ.

  • You are supposed to feel superior. After all, you are going to heaven and everyone who is not Catholic will burn in h***. At least that's what each member of each religion is expected to believe. In the final analysis you are all full of s*** and wasting your time and money on some fantasy that wraps up the mystery of life in some tidy way for your insecure souls.

  • I am not Catholic, but it seems to me that a key component of being a religous leader (of any sort) would be compassion and to love all of God's children (even if they don't believe what you do). I mean, isn't brotherly love part of being catholic?

  • How do you deal with all the pedophiles in the Catholic church?

    How do you response to the so called priests hiding and protecting those child molesters? For years and years!

    Hope all of you burn in your own H***!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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