It happens

My husband doesn't take good enough care of me at home. So I cheat. A lot.

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  • You are not the only neglected wife. Have your fun on the side .. just be discreet.

  • My God people are f****** gullible. No wonder scams work.

  • Dont let that jack a s s know about it and have fun have s** with young ones try every position and live your one and inly life .

  • People don't understand that if you are not having s** with your partner, then they are having s** with someone else.

  • I found that out to be true. Wife’s friend started cheating on her husband cause she said the s** was boring.
    I kinda felt bad for the guy but thinking about it couldn’t happen to be better guy.
    He’s a total smart a****** j***

  • Good for you nothing wrong with that.

  • Who have you been cheating with?

  • "I love wearing my girlfirends panties. I've tried on every pair she owns."

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