Its ok, I give you permission to cheat on me.

If I tell myself that I 'let' you cheat on me... it gives me the courage to stay and not get a divorce.

Each time you cheat on me, I find a new level of hate for you that I never new existed.

One day, when I have the courage... I'm not going to give you 'permission' anymore.


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  • Your so-called "marriage" has always been hollow. What do you stand to gain from maintaining the appearance of a Smug Married Couple when everyone knows it's a false front? You haven't been fooling anyone-- not even when you extracted a kid from him-- and it should be clear by now that you're not going to ever stop him from bird-d******. Which "other" redhead is he tryna sleep with this month? Do you still threaten to kill yourself if he mentions maybe leaving?

    You don't have a marriage. You have an atomic trainwreck posing as one, and it's been an open secret for ever. You're both pathetic.

  • Really, Confession Post? You had to censor D O G G I N G?? This is why people don't take this site seriously.

  • PONY UP THE DIVORCE. How long are you going to let this fester? Are you going to sit by and end up killing this idiot because you were too scared to let go? No! Do whats best for you and LEAVE- especially if you have kids. Don't let anyone see that you are 'settling' or letting someone tramp all over you. All that does is make you just as wrong.

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